Burton Rush

Burton Rush
Brand: Burton

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Euler (Guest)
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Burton Rush is a good all-round board.

I could only attach the Flow binding with three screws.

I've been riding a Burton Rush as a freerider with a flow binding for 20 years. I'm amazed that I have exactly the same buoyancy in deep snow as my colleagues with new boards and that I'm usually the last one to pull off the board because the slope isn't enough anymore.
I bought the board because it's fun on the slopes, it's stiff enough.
If you ride a board for a long time, the price doesn't matter.

Model year: 2003
Riding style: Powder, slope
Length on the ski: 155 cm
Riders weight: 67 kg
Riders length: 171 cm

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Have just begun in the 2nd season with my burton rush 160. I still think it's a really fun and nice board. Going the most park, but wherever I go, I like to just play around, and I think that rush works best. Good pop (still) and it's quite wide, 25.5 at the waist so you do not have to convex so much with the stance to keep the booty pulling. It's said it's going to be tough, but I do not feel it. I weigh 65, weighed less when I bought it, and the recommendation was 70+ if I remember correctly. As usual (?) They really take it when they set the margin because I can easily play around flatland and do not have to work to kill me. I think it's normal hard and more about the softness of something. In any case, they seem to recommend the weight so that a beginner who can not print anything can handle the board. It feels stable in landings and high traffic. Have a season in the mountains with this and e completely satisfied. Of all boards I've felt this most allround, like it works for almost everything.

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Excellent good snowboard !!!
Everyone who wants a board that can be used just about everywhere. In the park, piping, free-kicking !!! EVERYWHERE!
It is quite rigid, but it resulted in a good stability and an extremely good "offshoot".

Okay ... all of you who say, "Well, Burton just makes fraudulent models and you only pay for the brand" It's right in a way. You pay a lot because Burton is on the board, but you also pay for years of industry experience, and they know hut a good brda is being constructed.

A nice old saying "Taste it, it costs it"

Final words.
A very good buy for those who want a lot of money for money, rather an investment instead of a toy.

Model year: 2000