Burton T6

Brand: Burton
Modelyear: 2004

What do you think about Burton T6?
Titch Duff
Titch Duff (Guest)
I still pull this vintage board out when I want to rock lots of natural terrain. Turns are so responsive, this is a really aggressive board thanks to the Alumafly core.

Only for advanced riders... everything happens quickly on this board, not the usual forgiveness of an entry level board. Boards are expensive.

Can you still get these boards?

Model year: 2004
Riding style: Piste / powder
Length on the ski: 162 cm
Riders weight: 85 kg
Riders length: 195 cm

Gerrit Hazenberg
Gerrit Hazenberg (Guest)
Very stable on high speed. Responds very directly. Feels great! I still use this ‘classic’ high end board.


Super board. If my board breaks down, I will buy an other T6 right away!

Model year: 2004
Riding style: Piste
Riders weight: 95 kg
Riders length: 186 cm

A M (Guest)
Your whole crew will eat your dust on cat tracks

Experienced riders only

I love this on powder days, float super well but still beat everyone to the chair. I got this gifted to me from a tourist during my shift at the Longhorn. Needless to say it was the best tip I ever got in Whistler!

Model year: 2005
Riders weight: 70 kg

Suncross (Guest)
Accelerates like Batman...Turns on a dime even on ice... it is an all-terrain monster that for all its horse power weighs less than your coat! My setup is Bent Metal BMA full Aluminum bindings and I have never been in more control and comfort before. Thank you Burton for this rocket ship. It costs a heap but it's also indestructible to top everything off.

The board is extremely narrow (what accounts for the speed and turn) so be sure to watch out for toe/heel drag. And of course, the price is crazy expensive! Try to purchase on sale though and you will not be disappointed!

The guy/lass who wrote the previous review must have tried to make one at home with some steel wool and an ironing board by the sound of it ;) Of course if that is not the case than he/she can't tell one from the other anyway which is just ass bad.

Length on the ski: 156 cm
Riders weight: 78 kg
Riders length: 178 cm

Chris Berman
Chris Berman (Guest)
not any really

servierly overpriced and handles badly

biggest waist of 720 quid ever!!!!!

Anton (Guest)
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A very cruel board!

I'm going on a 2009 T6 and it's great to go on, the cut is perfect and the board answers directly to what you do. It is very stable at high speed and nowadays other boards feel very flattery =)

However, the board is nothing for beginners, it responds directly and therefore becomes very unreasonable to the least mistakes so this is nothing to learn.

Riding style: PIS powder
Length on the ski: 165 cm
Riders weight: 65 kg
Riders length: 186 cm

Jonas (Guest)
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Year 2009
Running the first day of the ride and the board is crazy to go ... Stiff and fast as the stage. If you like speed and really like to squeeze out in the piste, feel the cannon of the board.
However, the board gives an average rating when it is provided with dampening epdm pillows during the bindings and after the first day of the race, one of these starts to loosen which sucks! Just do not happen on a board for 7000-8000: - Excluding binding depending on where you buy it.

Jonas (Guest)
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Can only stick with previous printer! Drive on a T6 162 as the gods donated from above. The cut is fabulous and it works well in the pipe even though it is not a distinctive pipe board. Jibbers keep away, this is like a spit and too stiff for you but for us others who like speed to another big jump it's just opening up your wallet. Can recommend P1HD to this sample. Must be experienced !!!

Cobbe (Guest)
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Grymm board!
Suitable for both freeride and freestyle .. Can be compared something with ride timeless fast snap whiter on all points!

would have scored 6/5 if they existed ..

Fredrik Ringblom
Fredrik Ringblom (Guest)
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Certainly one of the most beautiful boards I've been doing since 1986 ...
Awesome cut! Super Easy!
Minus is the price tag ...