Burton TWC Standard

Burton TWC Standard
Brand: Burton
Modelyear: 2012
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 287/244/284 mm Turning radius: 7.02 m (145 cm)
Sizes: 145,150,154,157,159 cm
Manufacturers description
Nothing is standard when it’s coming from Shaun.

Everybody loves the way Shaun White rides, but not everyone is quite ready to ride at his caliber. The TWC Standard takes everything Shaun demands in a board and tunes it to normal human levels. To help slingshot your skills, EZ V combines the latest in catch-free rocker performance with the effortless edge-control of a slightly tapered shape for more float and all-around fun regardless of terrain or condition.

+ Double Chair Package
+ SHAPE: Directional [3-5MM Taper Depending on Size]
+ FLEX: Directional
+ CORE: Fly®
+ BASE: Extruded
+ SIDEWALLS: Slantwall

(Official information from Burton)

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- As it says, it cares very little.
- Feels right, easy weight.
- Can drive a pretty good switch with it.
- Nice and easy to drive in the powder.
- Quickly on the piste.

"I do not like it, it's different from the nose and tail. (The hind foot is closer to the tail than the forefoot is in relation to the nose.) I think it is uncomfortable at tail butters, since it feels like the tail is broken (but it does not) and at landings, when you do not have that big support if you land with a rear-end.

- If you are above, it may seem strange to drive a switch with it if you are above due to the asymmetry I just mentioned. However, you get used to it.

I have run board since I was 7 years old, thus for 12 years. However, I've never been able to "season " and therefore it has been around 2 weeks of skiing per season, sometimes more sometimes less. Park I started going seriously last season (12/13).

Burton's TWC standard I think is a board that suits the beginner who wants to start playing early. It works to run everywhere with no big problems. It's relatively cheap, stylish and easy-going, the canon I would say.

Should put a 3rd as a rating if the symmetry in the long run had played a bigger role. But we forget it is this snowboard worth a 4th.

Model year: 2011
Riding style: Park-Powder-Ski
Length on the ski: 157 cm
Riders weight: 84 kg
Riders length: 184 cm