Dupraz D1

Dupraz D1
Brand: Dupraz

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Stable in speed, floating cruelly in loose snow, incredible grip in the piste. My favorite and daily driver

Run the plus model but would have chosen a harder today

That said, versatile surfboard

Model year: 2018
Riding style: Piste cushions
Length on the ski: 178 cm
Riders weight: 75 kg
Riders length: 180 cm

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To be a snowboar, it's actually relatively expensive. But then it holds all the top of the line features, Wood core, of course, extra durable coat, fiberglass and other shit.
Iden is brand new, I think it was released late last season (05) and has just been a testboard and then in red, Product Diver, Mr Dupraz, who lives in Geneva has less than 20 years (allegedly)
Worked on creating the ultimate snowboarding to handle everything from blue to deep snow and park. This has been carried out with a team of skiers and snowboard manufacturers.
The principle is quite simple. The board is much longer and larger than the average board, BUT it has the same effective edge length as a 160-165 cm, and the thought is that the stance should be more center-mounted to access maximal carve and control.
I myself looked to be properly updated before I bought it. There are many boards to choose and I wanted to know why this was best for me.
 * I stumbled out this summer to get tired and found out that the choice was right. The board is proud of its length, easy-going and well-balanced. I think the box as a jib board works okay in the piste but other skiers may look up. It's fast and it's not as easy to get around as a shorter model. Outside of the pits, it hurts like a train and it is difficult to hold back. They can be unevenly hard or loose, it simply does not care much.
If, after a week, I'll start looking for disadvantages, they may well be a bit stiffer. I know that it will be softer sometimes and that they may bother me but the grade right now is top class compared to a traditional board.