Extrem Enlight-165

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haha okay
but now I have an extreme enlight 165/07
dirty but it and I and I have not knocked those other boards from extreme either
(enlight) it suits them as a pro (peace) or those who are very familiar with snowboarding and if you're not such a good snowboard rider, the clean shit is just fine because it's built with only fiberglass with an 8mm wood core so then you need to get in the cutting edge properly, otherwise it will be firmly glued to the snow. It has a small hard-plastic ring around the board so it does not break and flip up with more and even though the steel edges are dull or have not been grinded for a while,
I think it fits best on the ÅRE SHUTTLE and a little bit when jumping.
and you can not get better board in Sweden in the top of the line peace! (and the only Swedish affaired brand)
so you should not buy the enlighten if you do not have a good habit with snowboards or something like that else is about $ 10000 in the lake. (Depending on the willing bonds you buy but only the board costs from 6299-7999kr)
if anyone wants more information about extreme long one gb: D
Then I'll see what I can do

are no!!!
only if you have no good snowboard experience. because then you can hardly go on it!

There is only one word and it is a "good board" (top of the line)


Bosse (Guest)
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Very good, sewing that the punch is so back mounted only. The nose is 5 times as long as the tail. Good in pillows yes, but in the park no.

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Had Carbon E that was also a good board but this wonderful Enlight ... Longer, faster, more stability, more feeling, better bett but above all beautiful! Cut the slice as a hot butterknife when it is between 15 and 25 minus degrees. But she demands: you must have weight to push and be determined. Then it's only your own barriers that determine where and how you end. Thanks to the guys in Åre for this product and for the sevice (Håkan) they provide.

Model year: 2002