F2 Lancelot

Brand: F2
Modelyear: 2004

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I have always thought you have to choose. Pistons or pillows? Nysnö or well-behaved manchester? What should I take for board in the elevator today? How wrong you can have - this board can handle both.

I'm sure driving hardboots, but it's something completely senseless grip and cut that Lancelot gives in piste. If I was looking for a regular freeride board, I would definitely start snapping at Eliminator LTD, but now it was a pudergurka I was looking for when I bought this. I can lay on and run hard laydowns and it's only in short-range wings that you know how wide it is compared to a slalom / carving board.

In pillows, it is clearly completely disgusting. Having backed up and laying 80% weight on the hind legs of regular boards for all years is just leaning forward and standing on. Has not been tested yet in really bottomless conditions (not so spoiled with it in Åre ...), but in unspoiled snowy snow it is a delight.

Do I agree to have a franchise for France this season? Lancelot in that case.