Generics snowboards Global 162

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Stefan Lamb
Stefan Lamb (Guest)
I have ridden this snowboard for a really long time and very hard and it is still the fastest and most versatle board I have ridden. Before I bought it I rented and used many different types including burton, neversummer, k2 and some others I am sure and this board is by far the best overall. One of the greatest qualities is how fast this board is when I want to go and how well it travels on semigrade slopes. Mine is a 159 not a 162 but I'm sure it would still be fine. One other thing is that you never find these selling on ebay or anywhere else which I think would show that they are that good.

The only problem I have had is the edgeing starting to strip off the board but nothing a little apoxy cannot fix with no problem.

Very good board

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Slender board - smooth but on the other hand a bit fluttery. Not so good for those who can go a little more - for soft and bad grip in high speed / ice, better for beginners.

Too small for feet size 44 and up. Was a little tricked there by myself, the width is a and o on a board - salesman who says something else speaks with you.

Model year: 1998