Jones Snowboards Ultracraft

Category: Freeride & Powder
Brand: Jones Snowboards

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Cut pillows like a hot knife in butter!
When it's missing a tail, it's very comfortable in deep snow, as the need to push the back foot completely disappears.
When you can go down one size in the length (due to straight tail), it is also very fun to play in tight spaces, eg between trees or in gutters.
High stiffness and magnetraction (saw-edged edges) provide a good grip on even harder surfaces.

A great strength can also be a weakness, and just so is the lack of tail: feta carvingsvängar is just forgetting as it drops out of the cut.
With its high stiffness and straight tail, it is also no height in the park at greater jumps.
Switch can go on it, but requires some practice and is no elevation experience with its directional shape.

This is a perfect board for off-piste ski-offs, it's definitely the best in deep snow, just like many skiers.
With the fat nose and cut tail, it gives a very wonderful flow, and gives a light surf-like feel of a bit slower snow.
It is very stable even at slightly higher speeds (considering its length), and does a great job even a day in the piste.

Compared to e.g. Jones Flagship, it's a little more forgiving, and does not require the same amount of energy to get fun, but it does not deliver as much (in piste).

After going on it in all possible weather and snow, I would recommend it for off-piste skiing wherever you want high maneuverability, such as corridors, forests or between cliffs, but it's not for nice turns in the piste.
It fits well for moderate to advanced skiers, as it is necessary to squeeze it a little to get good gear.

Tested together with Ride - El Heffe bindings and ThirthyTwo Jones MTB boots, giving a fantastic responsive ride, but minimal attenuation.

Pricing is good, but has a narrower scope than some of the options.