Nitro Mercy

Nitro Mercy
Category: Park & Freestyle
Level: Medium
Brand: Nitro
Modelyear: 2021
Women product.
Sizes: 142,146,149 cm
(Official information from Nitro)

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Allround board that works all over the mountain.

Soft and playful but with good pop.

Cam out camber which combines good response like on a camber, while early rise in tip and trail makes it more forgiving and gives a better flow in pillows.

Got cracks in the surface layer after less than a season's ride, but nothing that affected the performance.

Imagine the day when you start the morning with some carvings in New York City, then continue into the pines where you will find a lot of untouched pillows to your great happiness. After lunch you drive some parklaps and then take a scratch over the mountain to find new side hits. The puckled uphill piste turns you into a big playground with new jib possibilities. Nitro Mercy is your best friend in whatever you go to the mountain.

Nitro Mercy is a soft and playful board that at the same time has good pop and response. A parkboard that fits most of the time. Floats well in pillows, but in bottomless Canada pillows it requires steeper slope to make it clear.

The price feels quite alright considering what you get for the money.

Nitro Mercy is for those who want a playful board that fits most of the time. If you drive only bottomless pillows or stone hard carving in the piste all day, I recommend a board for those purposes.

Do you see the mountain as a playground and every little hill as an opportunity for jibbing, do not say no to fluffy pudding wings and at the same time want a board that gives feedback in carving wings and pop in the jump, then the Nitro Mercy board is for you.

Model year: 2017
Riding style: Allmountain. Me and my Mercy have tested most of the time; piste, offpiste, bottomless cushions, raised cushions, park, jibbing and side hitting.
Length on the ski: 149 cm
Riders weight: 64 kg
Riders length: 167 cm