Nitro Supernatural

Nitro Supernatural
Brand: Nitro

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Nico from Venice, Italy
Nico from Venice, Italy (Guest)
Lightweight, strenght, durability! Base speed is far better than actual boards, due to graphite, too pricy for actual standard.
Side by side with a 162 Burton Vapor, the so called lightest board on earth, my Nitro Supernaturals 163 is clearly LIGHTER!
The durability is supernatural, after about 10 years of use the SPN still rocks in the tracks and outside.
Reflex and response are unmatched.

Too much carbon for junping use, a lot of them cracked over excessive hits on landings. Don't try to do freestyle tricks otherwise you will be smashed on the ground at first mistake. It's a serious freeride board!

The board of my life, too bad I've crashed it in the middle of graphite base over a sharp rock idden under the snow. Even wounded I'll keep using it.

Length on the ski: 163 cm
Riders weight: 90 kg
Riders length: 175 cm

Rob from Montreal, Canada
Rob from Montreal, Canada (Guest)
fast, fast, holds a grip on anything, fast, rips up the ice, fast

after 5 seasons of working it hard (i'm 190lbs, and have been riding for 18 years) she finally gave way; albeit with dignity

BEST DAMN BOARD I'VE EVER RIDDEN. i've owned checker pigs, kempers, sims, salomons, burtons and nitros, and the Nitro is by far the best ride i've ever had.

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A stone hard and stable board. It has incredibly good contact with the snow when you tilt it. good offpistboard but worse for jibbers

Model year: 2001
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This is no board for the beginner because it is very rigid and requires its skier. However, it is a wonderful girlfriend to take out in pillows and even if you want the cheeks to flatter the speed when lying and burning in the piste. Bought for about 3000: down in Austria and have not regretted it. Is a bit wider than the incision so it is recommended to people with a little bigger back paws. Add the stock exchange that I drove off Per.K2 (skiing) on ​​this board .... To the board, I have Burton Misson bindings (last year) that not only fit well aesthetically but also functionally.

War onward

Model year: 2001