Ride Profile 160

Ride Profile 160
Brand: Ride

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David (Guest)
Great for smahing chop off the sides of runs. Sturdyness handles chop and you can carve in the heaviest chop.

Cement block on your feet. Very little foot steering.

It's a great fast board that gets a little floaty at high speed on flat, but it you can side slip it in a mogul field at 60 abd it'll stick. It lands jumps well and it's a great surfy board.

Model year: 2003
Riding style: Powder and groomers
Length on the ski: 160 cm
Riders weight: 127 kg

Александр (Guest)
Very fast and strong board

Not suitable for beginner

It is a fairly fast board and a sturdy board. A bit cumbersome for a beginner snowboarder and for riding in the park. The board is light in weight.
It has a stylish handle, although not as bright as most boards.
On the whole, I’m very pleased with the board

Length on the ski: 160 cm
Riders weight: 83 kg
Riders length: 186 cm

Arnaud (Guest)
Very strong board but easy to land, not directional, so you really need to surf.

The first two turns, I had the impression of having the feet in a cement block by habit of easy and directional boards. Then, after realizing my proper mistake, and that I'll have to send heavy with this one :

- OUAW, THAT'S A BOARD !!! Reactive, nervous, with a boost that sends you from one square to another, a joy to ride. And all this strength and nervousness is very useful when it comes to sending a ten meter rock bar or a big kicker, it fights hard and the reception is so flexible and safe. Good behavior in the air, perfectly stable, without unpleasant surprises.

My use for this board: ALL MOUNTAINS, and it is true that I took it everywhere in the French Alps, it is wonderful in powder (easy to take off), dynamic and VERY FAST on the ski slopes, comfortable in the park, catchy on the icy snow like your wishes, and she sends you within 30 meters at the slightest break: this Board knows how to do everything.

So Salomon and Nitro stay at home, Burton too, and to go out I take what? Just my snowshoes ... and this!

Not a snowboard for slackers, this one is for surfers, requires some basics, not for beginners unless a guy of great size.

Fast (very!) Strong (too!) Aerial (and easy in the air) dynamic and safe. Go everywhere on all snow with talent and pleasure never seen elsewhere (I surf for thirty years).

Model year: 2003
Riding style: All mountain must back country but all round also park, ski station, boardercross, kicker, I took her everywhere.
Length on the ski: 160 cm
Riders weight: 63 kg
Riders length: 165 cm

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damn good .. worked fine as hell. the best part was that it did not cost much. Newly skipped is the cruel of the piste. In the park it could have been a bit more stable in landings but the pop is nothing wrong. well received.

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I've had many boards but Ride Profile is definitely the worst of them all. Especially Ride seems to have trouble building sturdy boards with a good edge grip.
- Poor edge grip on hard surface.
- The belly does not suck whey, snowy after a day's ride
"The coat was so bad that I could not even plan the board in the snowboard slip.
- Too soft for a skier that is above average.

+ Very easy.
+ Stylish design.


Model year: 2001