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Phillippe Saumier
Phillippe Saumier (Guest)
Ski all day with no discomfort or readjustment of buckles

After offseason feet have to readjust to liner form. Seeing the tennis shoes are not the same fit and form as ski boots. Feet get lazy

Waited ten years to figure out that I should have been in a surefoot boot the whole time

Alex (Guest)
Do not buy these boots if you don't live or ski near a Surefoot boot fitter, especially forget it if you on the East Coast. Worst skiing investment I have made.

Not enough East Coast dealers, still killing me after 2 fittings.

Got fitted in NYC (came from Boston) They assured me that my boot fitting problems were over. This was going to be the greatest thing in my 50 years of skiing. Skied on them and the boots absolutely killed me. Absolute and unmitigated pain. I then went up to Killington to have the boots adjusted. The guy at the Killington facility, a 20 something who assured me he was Surefoot trained fussed with the boots but made them worse! Melted the cuff so the shell no longer overlaps. The customer service person said: You have to go back to NYC or Killington to get them fixed again. I thought this was going to be a one and done...or at least a 2 and done. At this point I will have traveled 20 hours to fix these boots. For what I paid for these boots, I should not have to travel this much to fix these things. Thinking about eating the cost of the Surefoots and moving on.

Bh (Guest)
Take your money and be arrogant

Boot fitting and liner wuality

Avoid surefoot - they have tried to fit me for 2 yrs and treat me awefuo for coming in for adjustments. I haven’t enjoyed skiing due to extreme foot pain experienced due to poor quality surefoot liners. I tried to get refund and they said they told me they don’t make refunds and I was explained that at purchase (lie) and it was posted in store (lie). I was told I was difficult to deal with. The Beaver Creek store is the worst - very arrogant and don’t admit making mistakes. Here I am on my third year of still making adjustments on boots. I love to ski, but they have taken away my love to ski.

Tom (Guest)
Strong process, great when you ha w uneven sized feet or particular issue (bone spur etc). Far superior to the regular custom
Foot beds! I’ve had mine for 10 years and the are great vs any other process!

Hard to service if you are not a frequent skier to the west but that’s a minor nit

Highly recommend!

Andrew Clarke
Andrew Clarke (Guest)
Revolutionised my skiing; created room in otherwise off the shelf boots that were too small with the manufacturer's liners. Comfortable and better feel and edge control transfer from boot to ski was phenomenal. took away previous lack of support issues with liners and footbed combo that really did impact my skiing experience in a very positive way.

Long process to fit but totally worth it. I spent less time in the shop than I had previously spent moaning about sore and painful feet.

Surefoot is a well established custom liner company that know what they are doing. I have been going to them for custom liners for my telemark boots for over 15 years, including when I was competing on the World Cup. Can't believe that I waited so long to get them for my alpine boots that I had consigned to file 13 as they were too uncomfortable. Bottom line is that no matter what problems you think you have Surefoot will fix them for sure!

Brad Dale (Sydney, Australia)
Brad Dale (Sydney, Australia) (Guest)
I purchased a pair of Lange Comp 120's, complete with foam fill and orthotics from Surefoot Vail in Jan 2005. Having skied for 25 years and purchase over a dozen pairs of boots in search of the perfect fit, I've finally found it. I got to say it was the best US$1000 I've ever spent!

I was a little skeptical about the end result before committing but thought I had nothing to lose as it would be just another pair of boots that I would have to agonise with for the season.

The process is arduous, and because all feet are different you have to be patient and be preapred to do a bit of fine tuning. The staff at Surefoot where excellent but it's important to choose the right time of the day to visit the shop so that you can focus on a precise fitting - in other words, don't go after the last run of the day with the 'bus' crowd.

If you're looking for a "snug" fit that lasts and want minimal packing out, you won't find anything better. However, I think the benefits that this type of custom boot delivers is only for the very advanced skiier who can appreciate the difference from an off the shelf boot.

I'm just about to take off for a weeks skiing in Courchevel, France and I can't wait to get my feet into my Surefoot Lange Comp 120's - it's the closest thing to heaven, apart from my wife!

Richard L West
Richard L West (Guest)
I was fitted with Lange 120 liners, a Thotic, and custom liners at the Deer Valley store the same time as my fiancé. After we both paid nearly 1k / pair we spent most of the season in pain and quite a few days in Surefoot Breckenridge having them tear our boots and liners apart fixing the problems. At this point I would say they have probably removed most of the “custom” portion of the liner. While sitting at the store we witnessed several others coming into the store and complaining of the same problems. On a positive note I have to say the customer service was outstanding. The employees at the Breckenridge store did inform me that packing the liner out requires 20-30 days of skiing. The staff at all Surefoot stores should be required to tell potential customers of how long it will take to pack out the boot … ah, but then they will only sell the product to locals who can ski 5 days a week. I have probably skied on these boots for 18-20 days and I would still classify them as uncomfortable. And, for those who are probably getting ready to make a sneering remark / reply - I’m not cruising down groomers on boots that are 3 times what I need. I am skiing bowls, bumps, and trees.

At the end of the day – good concept, good customer service, but horrible delivery. They need to be honest with customers about packing the boots out before they buy. Also, does anyone really need these boots? At what level do you justify 1,000 for boots? I would recommend sticking with something off the shelf and know that you are not missing anything.

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Warranty at work. (But it's a little comfort if you have to travel a long way to do it)
Very good when it works.

Problems with gas pockets. Has heard rumors that the seams now have more holes that release excess gas. Anyone who can confirm that? (In that case, the score will be raised!)
For soft foam that causes the toy to be tensioned more to get the same grip as with hard foam. Think it's because the foam has too little density?

Have tried replacing my 5 year old Strolz. Have now sprayed 4 pairs without getting close. The stroller was really hard in the foam. It took a few weeks + some small injections of acetone before they looked good. But then they have worked fine until the shell has now given up.
After that, a pair of Strolz sprayed again, which failed because of a little foam or excessive volume in the new shell. Has now switched to smaller shells to be blocked in the box to fit. Hope that the nest spray will be the last in a long time.

The bubbles are very hard. I prefer Conformable soles in front of (Un) surefoot's

The sum is that there is no alternative to injection molded inners if you want the best combination of comfort and control. But the question is how much trouble it is worth. I have no choice because I have the pants on both work and leisure throughout the winter.

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Professional staff take care of you and your foot. The feet are measured with some datamojeng so that each sole becomes unique to you. The saws are then milled in a CNC mill and therefore fit your foot exactly. No conformable like things but proper stable stuff. The same company is used by racing drivers on both snowboard and alpine skiing.

The price. Costed 1750 with sole and adaptation but it was worth it. The jaw felt at least 1 number bigger and sat stable after fit.

Recommended on the strongest .. Well worth the money and have you paid first, you can get back and get adjusted free of charge