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Martin Bängs
Martin Bängs (Guest)
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Were down in Abetone on a race, and we arrived quite late so we did not see much of the ride.
The next day, when the sun rose above the Italian peaks, I caught a fresh air outside the window, then I was disappointed by the fact that the plant was no more than 5-6 backs. Disappointed, one gets up to the top with a cabin lift, the madans sat in the elevator and looked down on the slopes, so it was thought that it was not so bad anyway. But when you get up on the top and look down on the other side, you realized that you had underestimated it all, in front of it, a whole valley opens full of slopes and lifts. Satisfied, you fall down for the slopes ......
Abetone offers a fairly wide range of backs ... even skis free skating is available. A big - to nightlife, there is essentially no night life in Abeton, perhaps because it is not that big (yet). But I'm confident that more than I will discover this paradise!