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Certainly the place to live in the Chamonix Valley. Grand Montets is where you want to go first and then Argentine's gold. Cozy town around the gondola up the mountain. The number of slopes is certainly comparable to Järvsöbacken, but miles of untouched snow to put its own tracks. Located on the shadow side of the mountain, which only feels positive as the snow is going to be cruel all the time. If you want, you can easily go to the other systems in the valley by bus.

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I think it was a good ski resort in general but it is enough if you do not want to go anywhere in the chamonix valley. There is snow only ice-cold at the beginning of the week when I was there a week ago but then snow came on my last days and then it was real pleasure ....

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I was in Argentiere for the second time v. 12 this year. When we came down it was dumped 70-80 cm. We had a whole week with our own tracks. Sick! The best memory of the whole week was when we took the grand montes egglift and turned to the right at the top. Must have been away 2km off-piste skiing in relatively safe and controlled modes. My experience with the queues is that it runs smoothly in the morning. There is only a large cabin o a half-seat seat lift. Once upon a time there are no problems.

The top trip with the cabin costs around a hundred, but is definitely worth the money. It's a breathtaking experience. The downhill ride may be great at the snow. Stay inside the selections only if you are green. The week before we were there someone had hurt himself seriously in a glacier jump some meters off the piste.

The eateries are like that. Expensive and relatively poor food. Food tanks are recommended!

I have also traveled with UCPA here. I subscribe to the previous reviewer. Great!

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Surprisingly good place, 8 km outside Chamonix. Located at the foot of Les Grand Montets, which is one of the absolute finest mountains I've ever been to! The rumors say that the queues are enoooorma and that there is a terrible solitude among all good-looking skiers who want to be # 1 on the mountain after a snowfall. This rumor I thought was undeserved. There was no more or less dissatisfaction here than other places, and the queues were nothing I remember as painful.

If you live in Argentieré, chances are that you can go elsewhere in the Chamonix valley as well:

The skiing in Le Tour was nice. A little easier, but there are also challenges for skilled skiers.

Flegére was also good. The view of the Mont Blanch massif was amazing.
In addition, the area is linked to the Brevent system, which I unfortunately never got the chance to try.

The classic "Vallé Blanch" was a nice experience. Sliding and nature experience among icebergs and glacier cracks. The only negative with the trip was that now the seller can go all the way down to Chamonix, but has to queue to go with a chairlift that allows you to take the train back to the valley. It was a real queue with lots of hot tourists who were pushed and were generally unpleasant. Queer brings out the worst in humans!

The place Argentiere is calm, international and pleasant. There were a couple of really good hangouts too, British places if I remember correctly.

Surprisingly I went with UCPA which never made me disappointed yet!