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Artesina it's a great place for skiing, you cannot imagine to find this big snow so near to the mediterranean sea (if you are lucky you can see the sea from the top). The mountains are not so high but during a normal season you can ski (freeriding) from 2092mt to 826mt with the lifts from december until march. But you can ski from 2092mt to 1300mt from december until april sometimes until may.
They have great slopes and they are part of the Mondolè Ski ski-area (more than 130km of slopes) with other two resorts: Prato Nevoso and Frabosa Soprana. The connections between the resorts are always "skis on" and the cost for the daily ticket it's around 25/32 euros, according to the period.
Artesina is a cool place for freeriding, there are lot of "open spaces" where you can have speed lines but also great woods. You have the possibility to start from the top, with open spaces and great rocks drop, than going down you can find pine forest and than beech forest. It's great because you have the possibility to ski in lots of different scenarios. Most of the freeride itineraries are easly accesible with the lifts, but if you want more, by walking for 20 minutes or more you can find great lines and couloirs.
Every year there is also a freeride festival the Artesina Freeride Fest, stage of Freeride World Qualfier championship with atlethes from all over the world.
For all the winter there is also the possibility of heliskiing with local alpine guides.