Belalp - Blatten - Naters

Ski resorts in Switzerland

Snow forecast

  • Thursday

    0 cm
    2 m/s
  • Friday

    0 cm
    Sun/clear sky
    1 m/s
  • Saturday

    2.2 cm snow
    2 m/s
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If you are in Switzerland, you should skip this system if you want to go to sleep. Imagine one / two giant pots that are in the south and add 300 days of sunshine a year. Has it not been snowing recently, it's very hard to find good snow. What is readily available is raised relatively quickly. It is most suitable for families with children, sun worshipers and carving nerds. If you still go to the Brigg area, Zermatt is preferred 99 times by 100.

+ little people
+ discounted lift pass

- flat
- a lot of sun
- some snow

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"Over a day, very cool system. A few people. Nice ride, the park under construction.
Spring 2009

Linnea Wålstedt

Stefan (Guest)
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Enter and look at the full version of the pistemap and the mountain, you will realize that there are plenty of offpiste in direct proximity to the lift system
When it snowed here, you are in the kingdom of heaven.
Here you go to Zurich or Geneva, even Milan goes well, then trains to Brigg, after which you can get the mail bus up to Blatten, which is about 1200m high, where you get up to the ski system with a cabin that takes 80pers (only here you can get queue if you happen to meet up with prime time)
Staying in the village of Blatten, you get a long-haired yard along the serpentine paths (which are not plowed in the winter) all the way down to the village, do not forget to swing by Schuggen for a bira and maybe one of their good pizzas on the way down.
+ Cheap
+ Little people
+ Easily accessible offpist rush from the elevator
+ Sun side
+ No charter city for Scandinavians

- Sun side
- Generally not so steep slopes but who goes there?
"There is also the avalanche in the avalanche
- No charter goes there so it's getting a bit of a bite
- Slightly well many and long sledding lifts (The longest 1.7km, however, is being replaced by a 6-chair lift, then the rating is 4a)