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02/03/2020 (Modified: 02/03/2020)
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Chymbulak has nice skiing, but it is a fairly small resort where the "family hill" is almost the only option. And sure, it's nice in blue red color. There are quite good opportunities to choose your own trails in nature. The seat lift to the right in the lower part has never been in operation for over a year! So the owners of the facility do not seem to care about doing anything for their customers more than raising money. But there are options if you read on.

For example, prices are higher than Iran and Georgia. The lift card costs just over SEK 200 a day weekdays, type double weekends, and rent skis and boots of the old inferior kind from SEK 150, and a deposit that is effectively returned to the bank account is SEK 2000. helmet 50kr the day.

Back to skiing. The main slope is wide and fine, and good piste in the right weather. A lot of snow and they are slow to open the top part with 400 meters of fall height. The lower part is maybe 500 meters fall height and gives a little more options, although I liked the top better. a lot thanks to the fact that there are quite a few people on the slopes, especially in the lower part. A little different lift where there is first cabin with 8 seats and then 2, 4 chair seat lifts before the next cabin.

If you live in Almaty with 1.5 million inhabitants it is a taxi for 30-40 minutes to the lift and with Yandex taxi it costs SEK 50-75 to go for a taxi with a maximum of 4 people. Navat is a restaurant not to be missed and the country's pride. Good food and fantastic environment, often traditional live music, really cheap in addition. Our nice hotel was located quite centrally in Almaty and cost SEK 150 / person night with breakfast

For skiing you should probably take a taxi to Akbulak with just over 1000 meters of fall height that is within reasonable radius. There are a number of smaller ski resorts (at least 4?) Around the city that make it worth a visit. one of them with 5 lifts is a Sälen in miniature with about 300 m fall height and can very possibly be considerably larger already, (Lesnaya Skazka). But just aiming at Shymbulak like I did is a mistake. It only lasts for a maximum of 2 days if you want to renew the least.

Tips, Use the Yandex taxi app and get good taxi prices, Almost always go Visa / Masterkard, Switching money in advance feels totally unnecessarily expensive as there are lots of ATM machines in the Arrivals Hall. Buying a sim card with 20gb surf cost about SEK 50. Riding bus subway 2 SEK! If you buy something outside of official places it will easily be very expensive. Taxis are happy to take 5-10 times the price as an example. The people here are very friendly and curious, gladly offer everything possible to make you feel welcome. So no visa is needed here either, they want you to come!

The pictures are from the hotel, the main lift, Navat, the top cafe, Kazakhs are happy to offer strong !, yurt cafe at the top, my daughter and friend.