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Engelberg is located in central Switzerland and it is an off-piste mecca with a long season thanks to the glacier. The most well-known slope is called Laub and it will definitely make your legs burn.

The rotating lift, Titlis, attracts an incredible amount of Asians each day, and who can blame them, the nature here is just magnificent.

If you look beyond the slope you will be able to find several movie locations you might have seen in ski films from all over the world. The famous ice fall which a few people have jumped, but pretty much no one has made, can be found here. It is a powerful blue mass of ice that you do not want to slip off. You have many possibilities for off-piste skiing and many people like the feeling of freedom here so you can easily find good places by simply following local heroes or renting a guide. Some of the classic slopes here are Laub, Galtiberg and Steinberg.

Snow forecast

  • Sunday

    59.3 cm snow
    Kraftigt snöfall
    3 m/s
  • Monday

    49.3 cm snow
    Kraftigt snöfall
    3 m/s
  • Tuesday

    5.9 cm snow
    Partly cloudy
    1 m/s
What do you think about Engelberg?
Thomas (Guest)
No doubt one of the top 3 resort on the planet for serous off piste. The village is filled with serious skiers and lucky lacking the party crowd and show-off you find in places like Verbier and St Anton. A few pics of my daughter who spent a full winter there skiing

jorrebor (Guest)
Engelberg stands for easy acces to long freeride tracks. Some runs go 2300 to 1500 meters, and are easy accesible. Pro: lots of freeride, with little walking. Con: resort is not so high so runs dont stay nice for that long

SvenTumba (Guest)
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Classic! Superb easily accessible snow-safe north side that supplies year after year. A favorite early in the season.

Maria Jonasson
Maria Jonasson (Guest)
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I have been to Engelberg twice (no later than February 2017). It is a very cozy city and easy to get to by train from Zurich.

Last, me and my partner were there with my parents and children in 3- and 2 years old. We realized quite quickly that just Titlis might not be such a good area for beginners or unfamiliar riders. It's almost just red, fairly narrow slopes and you go up to the top, so you have to go down to a puck piste. So for children and inexperienced skiers, I recommend the Bruna lift system, where there are many stools and also pockets and baskets for rent.

I have done my best off-piste in Engelberg. In 2013 there was lots of snow and we did several wonderful rides in Laub (3 km offpiste).

If you are looking for a party and afterski you will have to choose another ski resort. Here is the focus on skiing.

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Have been there once and got canyon weather and a lot of snow in mid February!
A nice place where most people are close to hand and that it is very easy to get there. Flights to Zurich Airport and then take the train in about 1.5-2h to Engelberg, where it arrives in the middle of the village. Good slopes with varying degrees of difficulty.
The framing of the village and the ski system feels very good where you do not have to transport you so far to the various amusements available. Many nice offpiste slopes with varying degrees of difficulty! So if you are looking for an off-piste combined with family skiing, this is the place to go!

simple system
-Good with offpiste
-Rough slopes
-Good range of rental equipment

Prices may feel expensive in some cases

Mike (Guest)
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Varied terrain. There is transport that may be ..... much off-piste! Hoheneck after-ski is not stupid either :)

Emil Henricsson
Emil Henricsson (Guest)
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Cozy little alport that is perfect if you want to be away for a quiet and fun week's vacation.

As a former shipman, however, I think the lift system is far too small. It's not always the off-piste is riding and then it's great to shred some piss. However, it is done quickly on the approximately 15-20 pistes available.
As far as the offpiste is concerned, there is certainly plenty to offer if you are either there as a seasoning or taking a guide. Just driving a week's vacation in Engelberg is not enough to learn all the rides and venture out on some special stairs. Then you go there for the offpiste, so make sure you have contacts down there that can show you or, as said, hire a guide.

As for nightlife in Engelberg, it does not matter at all. There is no place you go to soak up the skull of you. Then it is better to stick to the big resorts. There are a bunch of restaurants and pubs that are very nice. But that is not exactly a thing of the past.

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Nice place! Good slope on the slopes and nice off-piste. The system is relatively small, but it is well worth a visit.

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Were in Engelberg for 5 days in February. Incredibly beautiful mountains. Good slope in the slopes but it's outside like Engelberg glasses. The areas around Jochpass and Jochstock are awesome for off-piste skiing, take care of boothics around Jochstock's top lifts and go skiing down to Engstienalp, type 600 fall-height cushions (just when we were there), really awesome!

The place gets a four then me and my friend got a fine of 200 euros for having gone down in a nature conservation area ...

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I've been there once and then it was really bad snow conditions so it said but there was quite a good park although it was rock hard over all, even in the offpiste therefore a 2

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