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Engelberg is located in central Switzerland and it is an off-piste mecca with a long season thanks to the glacier. The most well-known slope is called Laub and it will definitely make your legs burn.

The rotating lift, Titlis, attracts an incredible amount of Asians each day, and who can blame them, the nature here is just magnificent.

If you look beyond the slope you will be able to find several movie locations you might have seen in ski films from all over the world. The famous ice fall which a few people have jumped, but pretty much no one has made, can be found here. It is a powerful blue mass of ice that you do not want to slip off. You have many possibilities for off-piste skiing and many people like the feeling of freedom here so you can easily find good places by simply following local heroes or renting a guide. Some of the classic slopes here are Laub, Galtiberg and Steinberg.

Engelberg Snow forecast

  • Tuesday
    0.5 in rain
    Heavy rain
    2 mph
  • Wednesday
    0.2 in rain
    Duggregn / sol
    2 mph
  • Thursday
    0.1 in rain
    Duggregn / sol
    2 mph

Facts about Engelberg

Slopes (Total: 28)
Green Learning / beginner:0
Blue Easy:6
Red Intermediate:10
Black Advanced / Expert:2
Artificial snow:10 number of slopes
Longest slope:39370 ft
Total length of pistes:51 miles

Lifts (Total: 28)
Gondola lift:2
Aerial tramway:5
Chair lifts:7

Vertical drop
Engelberg Vertical drop
Mountain high: 9908 ft
Vertical drop: 6463 ft
Mountain low: 3445 ft

Start:10 October
End:24 May

Cross country skiing
Tracks:23.6 miles
Lit tracks:1.9 miles
Artificial snow:0 miles

Childrens area:3
Country: Switzerland
Central Switzerland

Reviews for Engelberg

What do you think about Engelberg?
Peter (Guest)
It is a skier’s playground. With minimal snow maintained by the mountain, you can get as creative as you want!

Thomas (Guest)
No doubt one of the top 3 resort on the planet for serous off piste. The village is filled with serious skiers and lucky lacking the party crowd and show-off you find in places like Verbier and St Anton. A few pics of my daughter who spent a full winter there skiing

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jorrebor (Guest)
Engelberg stands for easy acces to long freeride tracks. Some runs go 2300 to 1500 meters, and are easy accesible. Pro: lots of freeride, with little walking. Con: resort is not so high so runs dont stay nice for that long

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Now my ski friend Arne and I have been on the winner trip to Engelberg.
Was very nice skiing and good food and plenty to drink.
Unfortunately, the windshield pulled over Engelberg so it did not get much off-piste in heat and heavy snow.
A big thank you Freeride for the profit. Was totally unlikely to believe you could win something like this.
We will definitely return to Engelberg and hopefully be able to explore the off-piste better.

The tourist office in Engelberg did a very good job of arranging travel and accommodation for us. Everything worked perfectly.

Also a thank you to the hotel Hoheneck for hospitality and high service level.

About Engelberg in general: A nice little town with many hotels and many restaurants and high quality food. Väääääääldigt many Swedes (did not need to use German or English very often ....). Easy to get there by plane to Zurich and then train right into the center of Engelberg (just under 5 hours from Arlanda to Engelberg). The ski area is in the case of pistes quite small, but with nice and varied pistes. If you are a good skier then a long weekend is enough if you are mostly referred to the slopes as we were due to the weather. The off-piste seems to be almost limitless, but unfortunately we could not take advantage of that possibility, became the least lift-off off-piste. But enjoy it.

Peppe and Arne

/ The competition that they won you can see here https://www.freeride.se/vinn-skidresa-till-engelberg-2/ lasted 30 Oct - 30 Nov 20148

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Skiing - The resort is very good if you want to go off-piste, the possibilities are great. I was here week 9 (Stockholm's Sports Holiday Week) and it was almost empty of people, except on the weekends when the country's own people came here. The slopes are good, but nothing unique.

Nightlife - If you want to party you should not go to Engelberg, especially if you are looking for a speedy after-ski. Hoheneck Bar usually has a live band or DJ, which is nice. Nice atmosphere and very nice people in general.

The village - Very cozy village, with lovely old buildings. It is not so much ugly buildings that have just been built up so that as many as possible will fit in.

Food - There is a lot of food to eat here, but you are in Switzerland so it costs, just like everything else here. If you want to eat something on the mountain you will not get good food, but you pay quite a lot anyway.

For those who want to go off-piste and be keen (not bakis) on the slopes the next day, this is a perfect ski resort. Since there is almost no Swedish travel company that arranges trips here, there are very few Swedish tourists (there are a lot of seasons)

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Has completely fallen in love with me in Engelberg. Everything is so simple and easy here. Easy to travel to, close to fantastic off-piste skiing, good hotel with delicious food (Ski Lodge Engelberg and Hotel Hoheneck) and not least - snow-sure and vastly high mountains! Go here and you will never regret it. Went there already in December - my pictures are from December 13-15 now 2018!

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SvenTumba (Guest)
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Classic! Superb easily accessible snow-safe north side that supplies year after year. A favorite early in the season.

Maria Jonasson
Maria Jonasson (Guest)
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I have been to Engelberg twice (no later than February 2017). It is a very cozy city and easy to get to by train from Zurich.

Last, me and my partner were there with my parents and children in 3- and 2 years old. We realized quite quickly that just Titlis might not be such a good area for beginners or unfamiliar riders. It's almost just red, fairly narrow slopes and you go up to the top, so you have to go down to a puck piste. So for children and inexperienced skiers, I recommend the Bruna lift system, where there are many stools and also pockets and baskets for rent.

I have done my best off-piste in Engelberg. In 2013 there was lots of snow and we did several wonderful rides in Laub (3 km offpiste).

If you are looking for a party and afterski you will have to choose another ski resort. Here is the focus on skiing.

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Have been there once and got canyon weather and a lot of snow in mid February!
A nice place where most people are close to hand and that it is very easy to get there. Flights to Zurich Airport and then take the train in about 1.5-2h to Engelberg, where it arrives in the middle of the village. Good slopes with varying degrees of difficulty.
The framing of the village and the ski system feels very good where you do not have to transport you so far to the various amusements available. Many nice offpiste slopes with varying degrees of difficulty! So if you are looking for an off-piste combined with family skiing, this is the place to go!

simple system
-Good with offpiste
-Rough slopes
-Good range of rental equipment

Prices may feel expensive in some cases

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Mike (Guest)
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Varied terrain. There is transport that may be ..... much off-piste! Hoheneck after-ski is not stupid either :)

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Most popular photo

Rider: Joakim Hallberg Photo: Jakob Sanne

Trail map

Trail map Engelberg 19/20

Lift ticket prices

1 day:74 $ (68 CHF)
6 days:337 $ (310 CHF)
Season pass:1027 $ (945 CHF)
Lift Tickets Engelberg

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