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07/06/2016 (Modified: 11/09/2016)
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Me and my brother dropped v 8 2016 with 5 of our children ages 8,10,12,13,16. We stayed cheap in Sankt Johann and visited the slopes at Sankt Johann, Wagrain, Flachau, Flachuwinkl during the week. It was quite mild weather so when the slopes of the first mentioned resorts were raised, the ride was too heavy for the smallest. Me and my brother spent a lot of time in Flachau as small. We learned to go there so it was nostalgic to come back. However, it was overcrowded when we got there.

For the last three days we spent the Flachauwinkl. The snow was better there because of the small height difference. The park was a paradise for the older children and there were plenty of really nice blue slopes for the smallest. They would have done a trajectory of trolls, one would look up like orientation. Very Nice! There were not as many people here at all. The park is world class! The big jumps were dimensioned according to those used in the biggest competitions like the Olympic Games etc. The park staff consisted of young enthusiastic riders and they were very accommodating. Can really recommend this gem. As we said, we had access to a car and if we wanted we could visit 15 resorts because the lift pass is valid over such a large area. (Ski Armade)
I'll take a rain check.

Updates review with some videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF3sbLp6E_oNJubrEogfDzA

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Certainly, it is an easy place for all carving presses, as the slopes are long and beautiful. But flachauwinkl caught me when I just got up after the second chairlift and see the sign to the absolute park (www.absolutpark.com) perhaps one of the best parks in the Alps. With many nice rails and three kicker lines! (Y) In addition, there are nice BC jumps built by locals about 5 st when we were there and of course offpistrepor: D when you get tired of everything skiing is called. Going into the Chillhouse (located at the end of the park by the elevator), breaking a redbull and watching when the Austrians skate in the ramp or glide on some slideshows on any of the widescreen TVs. Be there 08 and love to go back!

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the world's coolest ski resort?

I think, at least I have not visited everyone.
but what is said as

-ram house in the middle of the main back with sofas and skate parks inside
-a really awesome park with pipe kickers and rails
nice outdoor dining with sun loungers where you can take it all day long if you feel it.
-In principle, all slopes have sun all day.

see you might like to have the skateparks in the middle of the hill but like this donate image and you will understand when you will flachauwinkl create your own style.
Do you like backcountry jibbibg, but not building kickers, this is no problem. The cool locals build shots everywhere, so they are easy to get hold of.
If I then summarize this, it is a very beautiful place. Perhaps this place does not recommend to 65-year-old pistols, since the attitude is a bit too harsh for this. but to jibbers and even to those who like a little up I highly recommend this place. However, no overcrowded elevator guards.

Magnus i Villach
Magnus i Villach (Guest)
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The same system offers accommodation (and certainly off-road driving!) In ZAUCHENSEE. There you also have iodine, do not need a transfer or a car and you may have to force yourself in a number of steep hanging down towards the village.

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To the flashauwinkl you go to park. Since Badgastein does not offer any direct fat park, the flashau option will become. Badgastein lift passes also apply in the flashau and it takes about 45 minutes by car.
The park is divided into two parts. There kickerline and there jibbline. Big and small kickers, a lot of rails and a nice pipe.
Definitely worth a visit.