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Kurre (Guest)
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Alternative to Swedish mountains?
The biggest advantage of Foppolo is the proximity to Bergamo - you can fly with Ryanair from Skavsta.

You arrive at Bergamo in the evening at eight and then you can either rent a car and drive yourself, book a transfer via the hotel (we did - cost 90 EUR for a minibus). It takes about an hour by car from the airport to Foppolo. Unfortunately, no bus goes to Foppolo late in the evening.

We had read Chris review and stayed therefore at Albergo Carona, located in Carona - a few miles from Foppolo. If you are looking for a place to go, this is the place to stay - it's a small sleepy city that only lives on weekends when people come from Milan. In the village of Foppolo there are many more hotels and restaurants, but there is no way to go there either.

Albergo Carona is a perfectly OK hotel, with very reasonable prices and good rustic food. If you are a connoisseur and want to pay a little more then we can recommend Locanda Dei Cantu, which is a bit fresher and has amazing food.

The ski area Carona is not that big, it can be compared to Bydalen, but it has long lighthouse lifts without queues - which makes the ride "efficient". For those who can dare you, there is a lot of space for the offpiste beside the piste slopes. For small children there is a children's back with lift type conveyor.
The slopes are well groomed and wide and nice, but it is not for those who seek extreme driving.

It is possible to buy ski passes that also apply to the Foppolos ski area (you can ski in between), but my recommendation is that you may try it one day, not more. In Foppolo there are only a few slopes that you quickly get tired of. One of the lifts (top left) found on the pistol map disappeared in a avalanche 10 years ago - but one is not so fast at updating ......
Six-day lift pass (Foppolo / Carona) cost 138 EUR / person.

The San Simone ski area was unfortunately closed this season due to any conflict between the owner and the municipality. It is hoped that it will be successful in the next season - in that case you can go ski bus there and get some more variation.

We rented equipment on site - costed 60 EUR per person for six days - affordable.

On your return trip, you can take a regular bus to Bergamo in the morning (3.5 EUR), lock the bags at the station and take a day's sightseeing in the city. Citta Alta - the old town - is on a hill and is very southerly.
Fly home starts at 20:30 so you can have a full day in Bergamo.

In summary - nothing for experts or entertainers, but recommended for families who do not want to be ruined, and for us a little older looking for good manchester skiing, relaxation and good Italian food.

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We were 2 families, with children between 6-9 years. We were there v.10 2013. We stayed in Carona, no big city. Located on the other side the mountain towards Foppolo. We stayed at Emilia at Albergo Carona, quite OK place. However, they have cruel food, 4-course Italian dinner every day. Absolutely superb. Systems are not huge, but we see this as a great alternative to going somewhere in the Nordic region, and it's not very expensive. During the week there were almost no people in the slopes. Guess that on some days there were as many skiers on the Carona side as there were staff in the lifts, restaurants and shops :-). On the Foppolo side there were a little more people, school classes etc.
On the Foppolo page, it is red in the top of the system and blue downwards. In Carona it is consistently red and a little blue.
There are opportunities for offpiste if you wish, easily accessible by the side of the hill and if you want to knock there are plenty. It's not a fuss about the offpiste.
We ended up at about 25-30 'kr for all of us 4 with all expenses included, travel, half board accommodation, drinks, lift pass, food and coffee in the back for us 4, I think my price is good.

Summary: Crude food at Albergo Carona and also on the "Blueberry" in the hill. The restaurant at the top between Foppolo and Carona has very nice views. The system is small, but good for a family of children. There are little opportunities for offpiste for anyone who despises this and everything ends up in the same place in a big way, but does not get lost. Perfect if you want to introduce the kids to a little offpiste.

Claes Nordlander
Claes Nordlander (Guest)
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Have been there 2 times -04 and -05 and will return in Feb -06 again. The trip with Ryanair costs 375 SEK per hour with all taxes. (Booked early) Hotel with half board in Carona with a superb 5 course Italian dinner including lift pass costs 52 euro / night. Skiing a bit better than Åre and you are there for weeks, you are quite lonely in the slopes besides some Englishmen. The Milanese people come on weekends. San Simone is next to your ski bus. A little snow safer (north side) and here is a restaurant on the hill with great food and drinks. Offpiste opportunities are available. Negatively, quite a few button lifts may feel, but you get used to quickly.

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I was there on week 8 2005. Unfortunately, it was my first alpresa so I can only compare with Swedish resorts.
First, it should be said that there was snowfall in the foppolo when I was there, just over a third of the area was closed and it was a little thin snow cover even where it was open which obviously reduced the rating. The location is quite low, so there is a little worse snow safety there than the "real" alps.
The ride I could judge was certainly okay, mixed slope and a lot of nice wide pistes. The conditions for a good offpiste were there, better than the Swedish mediator but hardly in class with the real ones to judge by detman in movies etc.
So the skiing clear approved.
The village, on the other hand, was really boring, it felt almost deserted, but those who worked there claimed it was crowded around Christmas and New Year. The village is also located on the sides of a casserole, so you can get a lot of height meters to get to the store. But Foppolo's great advantage is the proximity to the city of Bergamo as ryanair is flying extremely cheaply. The resort itself also has a low price range, the ski pass cost us only 700 kr for a week (I do not think we got a discount for the snow shortage). So if you value a short transfer time and want to get to the Alps at the same price that you can pay for a week in a year, Foppolo is a good option. Otherwise, I think that one should focus on one of the real breeders.