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16/02/2019 (Modified: 03/03/2020)
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Gudauri is growing, and the lifts are modern. Forget the piste maps available, they are completely outdated. Currently there are 4 newer 10 seater gondolas. Of which two new gondolas are lifting for this year's new back of the mountain. 2 newer 6 chairlift with protective cover against wind. 2 older lifts are exchanged for better used Italian lifts. Quickly I get it to at least 12 lifts, without bringing ribbons for the beginners. Missed someone maybe.
The top hill on the back is great fun with lots of off-piste over a hilly landscape between the mountain peaks. Must be the favorite.
The lift card cost us about SEK 150 a day for 4 days and was like the Swedish system when boarding the lifts.
Weather is, as usual, decisive for how successful a trip will be, and we got both the worst o best of worlds. But Gudauri in the sun is probably the best skiing I've ever experienced. Both slopes and off piste in top class. But of course, the system is not as big as the larger ones in the Alps. But the Alps do not offer the same opportunities for free riding. Here are as many walls and lots as possible and many are almost untouched.
All cards are taken from easily accessible piste areas, the top lift, the back and the front. As well as a newer piste map with the face of gudauri. The reverse is not visible.
We stayed at, New Gudauri, Gudauri Palace, across the yard 30m to the lift and cost SEK 3400 for a quadruple room for 4 nights. Why do almost all foreign ski resorts lack drying cabinets? Lucky there are good elements!
We got a taxi from the airport to New Gudauri for 600 SEK and lasted for 2 hours.
The bus back to Tbilisi went just as fast and cost about SEK 30, a medium sized bus for maybe 15 people. Note, went from lower Gudauri. Then we took 3 nights almost free in Tbilisi to see the town (no developed tourist resort, low prices). metro 2kr.
My references are, Norway, Sweden, the Alps and Iran.

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Gudauri is an affordable ski resort for the whole family. There are nice backs in the beginning and middle and a bit steeper at the top. Backe 1 should be avoided as lift 1 goes incredibly slowly, but only one time in the morning if you live in the lower part. Unfortunately, the highest peak was closed when we were there. In spite of a lot of snow and the slopes were open for about 3 weeks, you could not have finished pisting clearly (tomorrow maybe, maybe tomorrow .... legacy of Soviet efficiency?). The snow park did not open him, but it was 50 cm snow just when they were ready. We were there over New Year which is high season but the best time to go there is enough later in the season if it's not just pillows you're looking for. Most were happy and pleasant and had a high level of service even though there were exceptions. Overall, a visit is recommended and Gudauri gets 4 stars because it is incredibly affordable. Extend your stay with the sulfur bath and hamam in Tbilisi.

Lift pass for 2 adults and 2 children cost about 2800 SEK for 8 days.
Lunch costs around SEK 50 and the beer is 15-20 kr.

+ Cheap
+ No liftköer, which is good when many Russians go here. (maybe 30 min queue on 8 ski days, in total then)
+ Lots of offpiste in the lift system.
- Some riders run completely without control
- Efficiency