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Chris Werren
Chris Werren (Guest)
According to one of the participants in our adventure and off piste skiing programs "Gulmarg is the last skiing resort in the world where true adventure skiing can be enjoyed"! With its unlimited opportunities of steep and untouched powder snow terrain, its great possibilities for skiing in the trees, river beds and its natural obstacles for nice drop jumps Gulmarg offers numerous off piste challenges for all type of skiers. Those planning a trip, however, should be informed that the terrain requires proficiency in skiing in steep ungroomed terrain with all types of snow, from light powder to heavy wet snow and frozen crusty surfaces! To make the most of the skiing trip it is recommended to hire a local freeriding guide.

Whereas skiing is great in Gulmarg all other infrastructure expected in a winter sport resort is not available. There are a few hotels which offer western standard rooms but consistant hating and regular hot water supply are still a problem. Also communication with the outside world is not easy, internet connectivity is not existing, roaming for international cell phones does not work and making calls over land lines requires patience.

With regard to cash management we recommend our guests to bring sufficient Indian rupees to cover their personal expenses. Hotels and the gondola operation bascically accept only cash as payment. Some hotels change English pounds and US dollars. The use of credit cards is advertised as possible but in reality it becomes problematic. Also traveller cheques are not accepted. However, there are two ATM's, one in Gulmarg and one in Tangmarg, withdrawals of up to 20'000 Indin rupees can be made there with credit or maestro cards.

All in all Gulmarg is a great skiing place for people in search of a unique, advenurous and unconventional skiing experience combined with discovering another form of the Himalayan culture.

Chris Werren, Operations Manager, Free Ski Himalaya

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Be incredible! Now it may be because I have not been on so many foreign mountains more than the Alps but consistent with those, wow. Be such a difference to everything! The people, the shops, the lifts all.
The ride was good when you got snowy and unhappy. First then when we went up they would just open the chairlift that goes to half the hill and it was completely untouched. Lift queue was not a little short I can say! And the system to buy tickets was not the smartest .. every time you got up, you had to buy a new ticket. That day was nice but the days after they were worthless to go there. But one did not have much choice for the gondola lift to the top was closed. It usually closes because of. weather or avalanche danger. So the days when it was closed so were all the skiers at the seatlift (if they did not get up etc ..) so there were a lot of people. But when it was open all of them disappeared, almost nobody was in his lifetime. Everybody was out and went as much offpiste as it went!

Including our group! We got off the top for 40 minutes before we went down in the cozy snow of the snow then we took a taxi home. But you could not do that every day, so you get back or go back to the elevator again.
In the lift you can seat about 4 people with all the equipment and there is a chance if you have long skis that they will get out of the gondola .. haha. The only negative with the lift was when the ticket system otherwise worked perfectly.
Then they are back in the middle of the village, they are the haha ​​haulers. We had eaten at a restaurant and would take the lift up for the hill home. So when you get into the elevator, it suddenly turns off. Even though there are people in it, the lift of dot closes at four o'clock. Was a little fun.

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Unfortunately, Gulmarg is not the small undiscovered gem it was a few years ago. The Russians have invaded the place, a lot of 18-25 year-olds without lavinitis and wits that can trigger avalanches as they cross the above for you ...
In February after the two big dumbbells, it was more an hour's drive to the top gondola as well as very worrying and on the verge of riots. The easily accessible area skiers rigth was tracked in no time ...

But everything is not only negative, was one of the coolest places I've ever been to! Very different and exotic, very extreme if you want it. If that's a big IF, I'll go back sometime so I'll ride a tent and sleeping bag. There are very interesting tours you can do in the right company with the right equipment, the sunshine peak to the skiers rigth that you see from the top looks very attractive !!

As previous submitter has said:

- Do not go there if you do not have much experience, you will not get much of it then. One should be a good skier in good condition then you have the opportunity to find great riding if you put some energy.
- Transceiver-probe-spade backpack (of course!), Torch light bulb (may be needed on the way home from behind .. :)), Spare parts to everything !! Patience and good mood are required to stand out with some unexpected events.
- Favorite on days when the top was closed: Monkey Hill down the road to the tan margin, awesome calm forests with cool drops down the road ..

Observatören (Guest)
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Spent a day there with a ski guide.

Ski hire worked well for me (beginner) and the lift in the backyard was no worries .... but the gondola ride was under all criticism. I reached the middle level above the tree line 1 time and then had 30 my lovely off-piste skiing down the woods.

restaurants and other restaurants were low but you are getting fed up. Bring your own bira if you spend the night ... along with sleeping bags .... the electricity and the heating are at least unreliable.
The security situation in Kashmir is better than the Gaza Strip but worse than the Balkans, if you take the comparison ...
Unvik crowds, fridays, mosques and nights are in the evening.

Cool to have been in the Himalayas .....

21/05/2007 (Modified: 12/11/2008)
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A totally insane ski resort. The lift staff succeed in chaos when they have about 70 people who want to go for a truly fully modern gondola lift! Additionally, a large mountain with almost unlimited hikes without crossing the trails of another one week after the last snowfall.

Max (Guest)
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Plus for unlimited off-piste skiing over big mountains, with a lot of snow. Minus for unreliable lift (we got 4 rides with the lift for 1 week), unreliable electricity, constant stomach ache. Include stubborns and be prepared for the lift standing relatively often. Recommend to stay for a couple of weeks to get the maximum number of days with good snow and open lift. The beer deliveries were a bit shabby and so when we were there, so if you still charter Jeep to get up from Srinagar, you might as well buy a little extra. The locals are tired of the tourists so even though there is a lot of weapons in circulation, it feels safe for sure. Simple accommodation is available, but hotels of a little higher standard are completely lacking. Insufficient for families with children because of low comfort and responsibility for safety on the mountain - when it's snowing a lot of avalanches are also taking place. Clearly worth a visit for those who want to ski in an exotic environment!

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Go well there if you love offpiste skiing. Minus for families with children. Good lift system and they arrive a new gondola system winter 06/07. Good accommodations and cheap as ....

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