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Örjan Dahlbäck
Örjan Dahlbäck (Guest)
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Nice village with great skiing.

Camilla R
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My first alpine trip went to Ischgl a very long time ago and it was a powerful experience and year after year I have gone back to the Alps to feel the happiness over the mighty mountains, the long slopes, the cozy restaurants and the off-piste skiing you never want to take final.

30 years ago the village was small and there was the smell of manure and barns everywhere. Now everything is state of the art but the village still has the same homely feeling and some barns are actually left so sometimes there is a smell you recognize.

In Ischgl, the system is super modern and skiing consists of a number of "pots" that are easy to get to and from. The slopes are wide and long and there are few transport distances. Everything is well thought out and systematically built. The slopes are numbered and the lifts have a number and a number depending on which "pot / area" they are in, which makes it quick to find the logic in the system and get around. The off-piste near the piste has endless possibilities, but unfortunately we did not have the weather with us for that when I was down in v 13 (2022). A sandstorm from the Sahara had laid a thin layer of sand everywhere and at the same time it was rock hard off the slopes - to go a little earlier in the year is recommended if it is the off-piste you are looking for!

Also in the village, they have invested in logistics with, among other things, a tunnel with conveyor belts that gives us the opportunity to quickly transport us to the lift we want to go up with in the morning! Well thought out in everything that has to do with skiing quite simply and it shows - the lift queues are probably the shortest in the Alps no matter what time of year you go!

The village is super cozy and there are plenty of restaurants, après ski and shops. 30 years ago we lived with "Frau Rosa" who had the cows directly adjacent to the house and served breakfast at their own kitchen table. If such accommodation remains today, I will leave it unsaid, but the village is packed with hotels of various kinds - many of the more luxurious variant, which is reflected in the clientele in the village.

If you want après ski, there is something for all tastes - from champagne cabins and smaller cafes to large places packed with people where there is dancing on the tables and partying properly. Something for everyone simply tastes.

As for the food, Austrian food is quite hearty, although usually well-cooked and good, but you have time to get quite tired after a week and start longing for a little "lighter" food.

Even today, I consider Ischgl to be one of the best places I've been. The genuinely pleasant atmosphere in the village (where car traffic is forbidden with some exceptions), the many taverns, the pleasant atmosphere and the incredibly good skiing give an overall impression that has been hard to beat and there are few places in the Alps I have liked as much despite countless travel there in recent decades!

Sebastian  Madunic
Sebastian Madunic (Guest)
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Was there in 2017 with no intention of partying. We lived in the northern part and had a quiet and nice time. Fantastic slopes and modern lifts. A bit far to travel by car from Munich but worth it.

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First time in the Alps. Incredible difference from Sweden. Was in Ischgl v.8 2020. Ischgl has a very modern and efficient lift system. If you are on the Swiss side, it is noticeably more expensive. There are some easily accessible off-piste near the slopes.

Can imagine going here again


Spencer (Guest)
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Certainly the absolute best ski resort I've been to! Have been here three times and we have had between 35cm pillows for 1.5m pads overnight. Aftershine must also be one of the world's best!

Pontus (Guest)
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Superbly good lift system with new nice lifts!
Not a liftkö v. 9 sports license!
With some luck there is a lot of lift-off offpiste!

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Have been in Ischgl 3 times now and think it's great. Great system and easily accessible off piste. We have been lucky all the time so far and have both snow and sun which, of course, makes the score a little extra. I dare say there's something for everyone here, except possibly those super-brilliant giants with a 25-meter drop. There's everything from simple pist to steep, leaky black pistes and fun playful off piste. The village has a classic Austrian range of restaurants and a damn draw on the after skin for those who are looking for it (very much "tyroler-techno"). The feeling is that many go here for good slopes and to fasten hard. That makes us who like to get up on time and go skiing have nice mornings with some people in the slopes and relatively untouched off piste. In the afternoon, on the way down into the village, it may get quite crowded, but it's good to get the furthest out of the carriage down and put an 11 if you are in a hurry.

+ Good modern system = little queue
+ Nice long slopes
+ Easy to reach off piste
+ Straight after skiing
+ Keep calm in the system on the mornings

- Many people periodically
- Very grubby
- The wind is sensitive to the wind

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Lovely place with many slopes to choose from. A great way to explore the different slopes is to follow the ready-made routes on the map to the lift system. Clearly one of the best resorts in Austria in terms of skiing and afterski. Highly recommended!

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Lovely skiing with beautiful slopes. Sorry for the afterski on the slopes, but down the village there is!

Was there Easter -15 with 4 guys and had a cannonball ride.

This place suits you who want a beautiful ride, a beer in the hill while the slopes are open, but maybe not for those who want to stay there until it gets dark!

Daniel Rönngren
Daniel Rönngren (Guest)
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Went with STS Alpresor to Ischgl v.9 2016 and I was pleasantly surprised. Was really supposed to go to Champoluc but it did not happen for different reasons, so icechgl became a second choice. Therefore, my expectations were not particularly high. But this was a really good week. The trip was convenient with direct flights from Arlanda to Innsbruck and about 1.5 hours bus ride. The village was very nice. Many nice hotels and nice buildings. It was also really nice atmosphere and pretty good party life. The lift system was state-of-the-art, comfortable and fast, and easy to get to all the different places. In neighboring Samnaun there were. A cabin on 2 floors. I had a lot of luck with the weather. It was good with snow and the sun was coming a couple of times. The slopes were tall, wide and nice ceilings. There were also very easily accessible offpiste areas that I could utilize thanks to the snow and this was absolutely wonderful. I stayed at Pension Zangerl which was quite a boring place, but very nice that a hill ended just outside the hotel. The less good was that there were often a lot of people on some slopes, so it was often hard to drive as fast as you wanted because of bad skiers that were in the way. This problem occurred in the blue o red slopes. The blacks were usually free from many people. The backs were often very upset in the afternoons. So the pistoling was always much better before lunch.

+ The village
+ Elevator system
+ The entire ski system (all put together in a good way and easy to get to different places)
+ Easy offpiste

- A lot of people in blue and red pistes
- A little dull food

With that said, Ischgl gets a strong 4.