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chris (Guest)
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Staying on the river, have a lot of skiing around the world, do not like to take me to the Englishman, the Frenchman and not to forget the Italians ... I've never seen true snowfall that's too bad ... they have in chamonix ... and no people outside the slopes ... the forest walks are short, but pretty much the lark forest makes it all amazing if there are 1m new falls between the tribes ...

I'm up on the day of the 12th of January. then twisted it. upstairs sunday 13th, but now e d monday and it cries again .. will be on wednesday again ...
The rating is because it's empty outside the slopes ... and over the meter with sneezing and it's getting more ...

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Isola is absolutely OK! The fall height is like Åre and it is relatively snow proof, even though it is so far south, most of the system is in the north. Then it's only 1h 30min by car from Nice (1h 15min with French cruise). Get up at Cime de Sistron and see the Mediterranean!

Stefan Bogren
Stefan Bogren (Guest)
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No Isola is not so bad. There are a number of important points for this place: 1. No lift queues. 2. Almost only English people there (ie the French can actually speak English) 3. Completely perfect for families. 4. ski bus right from the airport in Nice for 8 EUR / single (2.5 t). 5. Size c: a 3 x Hemsedal. 6. Snow proof. Best in the Alps this year? 7. Pierre & Vaccance is an absolutely ok hotel complex. 60-70 numbers are only sporadic in the village.

However, it should be noted that: 1. Almost no fresh restaurants. 2. Emphasis on easier slopes but more advanced is more than you think. 3. Looking at it's bad advertising for the resort because the webcams are in the wrong direction and it looks like the place is in a gravel pit, so it is not. 4. Rent good skis in place - not via the grid. There is a level of skiing that is above the "best" that corresponds to the ski of the year. More expensive, but real skis. Otherwise, they try to knock on an "English" standard. 5. On Saturday there is chaos in the ski shop = unpleasant, stressed shop assistants.

Jonas (Guest)
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2000- Forget place that had its great time in the 60-70s, nothing has been redeveloped since then. The accommodation is ok, but there are sad restaurants and not much to do in the evenings. Some restaurants and hotels are refurbished and give some ghost town feeling. The ride is quite flat, but you can find good sneak peaks where you're guaranteed to be alone, it's almost just French people from Nice who come here. Very little people in the weeks (good) and plus for the proximity to Nice (a couple of hours by car). High altitude and snow proof. Cheap lift pass.