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Highly recommended. Bring a camera camera to some close friends and pray for good weather. Unbeatable views as well as slim food at the base station if you choose the gourme options.

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Oj oj oj have always been skiing there but have been up and running 3 years now and. Have gone up at the top once and it is absolutely wonderful there up and the pictures and stories I have heard, it will be an absolutely wonderful skiing there too .. I have to try the skiing there sometime

Fredrik Debong
Fredrik Debong (Guest)
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My story about Kebban, April 1999:

It will be a quite long story if I bring the invitation and everything, but yes, I can not write it ... it was all iaf. a surprise ... I did not know where we were until we got to the street at Arlanda :)

Those I met at Arlanda were, if I remember the names correctly, Malcolm Hanes, Fredrik X, Mats X, X X, X X. We flew up to Kiruna, met two mountain guides and put us in 2 cars.

At this moment, I still thought we were going to Riksgränsen, but the mountain guides made me start wondering.

I later learned during the car trip that there was a helicopter and Kebnekaise that was about !!!!

We got up at 7 o'clock the following morning, met with PERFECT weather ... sunshine, plus in the air, minus the snow, had been storm two weeks before, the storm had gone on the day we flew up and we were the first to give us out. In other words, it could not be better !!

The first lift went to Kebbans north peak, followed by a cam stroll to the southern tip. It was my first cam trip, as well as the first heliski trip!

That experience I will never forget !! Those who have been there know what I mean ...

We went down to perfect Swedish "knee cushions", new lift, new top, more wonderful ride, new lift, new peak, more incredible ride !!!

The two biggest experiences were Kebnekaise as well as (excuse the misspelling) Tolpagorni (?). Tolpagorni was my first celebration, as well as the ride I will remember as the most beautiful throughout my life, much because of the celebration ...

Now I can not write more ... have to work :(

Continuing a little ....

During the day there were 6 lifts, as well as over 5000 altimeters. Compared to Romme last week, I quote the introfilm: "Full 250 meters !!" Hrmf ... yes what do you say ...

The day was followed up with overnight at the ice hotel in (excuse spell) Jukkasjärvi. The next day there was a dog team on schedule and late home travel.

That's all believe yes, have any opinions or ask, just listen!