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Lech / Zurs are two opposite but complex areas that are part of Arlberg, where you can also find St. Anton and Stuben. We were there in mid-February 2013 and experienced both sunny days and snowy days with really bad sight and spotlights.

We tried to go as much offpiste as we could and Lech / Zurs was definitely the favorite! Zurs offers large areas to go on for the days with a good view and in Lech we found easily accessible forest soils when the visibility was worse. (Fantastic forest around the ZUG!)

In addition to the obvious fields, there are fantastic many nice places to reach if you climb the right crown or get through the right forest dungeon! However, want to warn you that you might as well end up on a rock edge or other exposed area. We actually hired a guide there and it was really worth the money!
We went unscrambled all day at places we had never otherwise found! Above all, someone who knows which places is most vulnerable to avalanches knows what was safe. In addition, you can borrow ABS backrests.

One tip is to check out whiteguides-skiing.com. There the most experienced and highly educated guides and ski instructors work as self-employed under one and the same name.

Lech was recently named the most expensive place in Europe in terms of accommodation. We rented a car and instead moved from significantly cheaper accommodation down the valleys. In addition to being cheaper, we also had more choices in terms of ski resorts but we got all our life's best driving in Lech / Zurs. Go there!

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It was like summer at the airport, was a bit unsure about the situation there.
The farther we went by bus, the more snow.
When we finally arrived at the village, which is about 1400 above sea level) I saw that they were more winter-like there. quite a bit of snow in the village, but it came about 30 cm more during the week.
A place for rich tourists, at least Oberlech. The backs were lovely, but the place was a bit small, but I liked it a lot! St. Anton had so little snow so they did not have any park, but Lech was the only place in Arlberg that had a park. Loved the park, but it would be fun if the pip was open!
Really enjoyed the prospect of Lech, the food was good and that was fine.
Too bad to St. Anton had a lot more jibb shops, bought a 4FRNT cap from a grymm shop in the village. But the snow situation was much better in Lech than in St. Petersburg. Anton, due to Lech, is higher up. I really liked that trip, go there !! FinFint place! Absolutely 5

Eric (Guest)
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I have more or less grown up in Zürs, and now I am a school teacher there on my law. I live in Switzerland, and act in many places in central Europe, although nothing can be done with Zürs. Zürs is a cozy place while still very good skiing. Offpist in Zürs is much better than in Lech because it is higher up. Zürs has a well-functioning infrastructure, which means that you do not have to queue. If you get tired of skiing in Zürs, you can go to Lech, and then back again (the so-called "Weisse Ring"). For a small town like Zurich, the parties are very good. With house and pop music clubs like vernissage, elegant lounges Like Zürsl. Certainly Après-Skin is not so good in Zurich, but only a few minutes by taxi to Lech. The hotel is fresh with good food. Very good skiing.


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First got a little crazy because I did not find work in St Anton city without having to go here ... that sourness did not last long!
In Lech / Zürs most wealthy tourists are hanging out who have not been able to use the best rides. There are seldom long lift queues, good snow may have been left untouched for a long time, in Lech there is a pipe that is regularly shaped (there is nothing I can remember in StAnton ...) to the cushions-Mekkat Stuben takes you easy, the villages are quite high and the snow stays long, there are good hikes just a few hike minutes from the slopes ...
... the only downside is that the party is not as wild as in StAnton ...
... but it is compensated by the fact that the season of the season is getting pretty tight because the place is smaller.

Sanna (Guest)
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In Lech there is a ride for the vast majority, beginners as extream skiers and it is snow proof. Pillows in infinity and not many outposts who run it up. There may be untouched parts for several days after rainfall. There are two mountains to go on and you can get to the Zur's nets on skis, where the slopes are a bit longer and steeper. Good with jump and a halfpipe for snowboarders. Unfortunately, not many telemarkers. Not long lift queues.
Food: Casarole
Beautiful places: Arkiw-Italiener, FUX-Bar
On the slopes: Burg

/ Servus

"Rookie" Hellskier (Guest)
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If you go to St Anton, go to the hills at the village for a day and then go for the sake of God to the nearby resorts Zürs and Lech (buses)! These resorts have it all! Infinite snow (most rainfall in the whole of the Alps!), Pretty little people, great good offpiste, long varied slopes and nice schi-hazels! However, you can win the best in St. Anton! Herrlicher beer und pulverschnee!

HawkMan (Guest)
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Unbelievably good offpiste if you only have time to watch the pistemap, just go about 10 min and what you can find are big fat pads, stirfall, stirloch and wasserfall are some of the better. On the shadow sides there are cushions for several weeks after snowfall.
Accommodation Hause Myle, Hause Lugi are the cheapest. BLEIB GEIL