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First and frost! You do not go to Lofoten before you go for a lift, you're the one who's going to go for a ride. With the combination of terrain, views and good snow conditions, there are few places like Lofoten's highlights!

Stayed in Lofoten during season 06/07, a season that is said to be the best in ten years. Did not go for a single trip in bad snow and had about 60 days of skiing. But as said, it can rain ... something that often does!

Days when it's snowy and you're planning to go to one of the most popular tours of Svolvær, Småtindan, you'll get to know that both locals and students from Lofoten Folkehøjskole join in and fight for the best of luck. But do not fear, army is there so it's roaring and getting busy change! :)

Can review http://www.lofotelemark.com/ before any tour descriptions.

David Ljungros
David Ljungros (Guest)
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Have lived 6.5 years in Stamsund, in the middle of Lofoten. It's a good hill there, 1700 meters downhill ... with a great view !! The world's stars in snowboarding are there every year to run The Arctic Challenge.
I myself hunted most ripor in the mountains ...



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Stayed in Kabelvåg from August 05 to May 06. The winter of 2006 was unfortunately worse than usual, so I did not expect so many days of good snow conditions. There are often many pluses and rain for longer periods, so the snow can simply rain completely in the middle of winter. However, had 5-6 days of snowy snow in Lofoten, and 10 days at Narvik (longer in) during the season.
There are skitrekk in Stamsund and Svolvær. Did not try any of them, in fact, I do not think the lift in Svolvær was driven a single day during the whole winter ..
If you are lucky with the snow, and that is a good sight, you can enjoy wonderful walks in Lofoten. This is an extremely alpine area. Recommend a trip on Geitgaljen and Higravtind (the two highest peaks in Lofoten). From there you can see more pointed peaks than you can count!
Choose to give a 4's, even though winter is not to be trusted in Lofoten. The terrain is nothing to say!

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Me and a friend went on a small road trip through Lofoten to go some top trips over Easter. The weather we managed to dump in total. Clear blue sky and sweeping sun every day. We took a ferry to Svolvær and went out to quite late the first evening. From there we drove inwards (towards Narvik) and stayed where we found nice mountains to climb. We stayed in my car along the way, but there are many campsites and hostels.

Thanks to the weather, these were some bad days. The number of mountains and possible top trips seem to be the second to unlimited ... at least if you are here for only 5 days ... I definitely think I will return to this incredibly beautiful place again and highly recommend a visit if you never been here.
The mountains in Lofoten are one of the most beautiful places you can imagine for skiing !!!
Feel free to go to Å and enjoy the whole of Lofoten. Nice walks in the vicinity of Å include Hermandalstinden or Munkan. We were up on the latter ... Otherwise, the area around Kabelvåg and Svolvær offers many opportunities.

Ola (Guest)
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Lofoten is wild, beautiful and very weather-dependent. If you're lucky with weather, that's the best thing, and if you're unlucky, it's all gray, wet and out of sight. There is more than one tourist who has only seen a few meters up the mountain sides as they leave from there ...

Good top-notch opportunities (there is a lift in Stamsund, not tested), from easy-going top tours to gutters and projects for those looking for a challenge. Has experience in the areas surrounding Henningsvær, Kabelvåg, Svolvær and there is a lot to do.
I'm in Lofoten on Easter holidays, and on good days a north side can be a pillow and a south side slush. Abret is that the proximity to the ocean and alternating weather can turn a fine powder side into penetration in one day. The snow is often transformed quite quickly due to the proximity to the sea.

Relatively easy to get to Lofoten and find information when Lofoten is a major tourist destination. Fast, fast, color or air direct to Svolvær. Nordnorsk climbing school in Henningsvær is probably the best control on the mountain / trips / etc if I'm going to dive into a council for accommodation.

When Lofoten is good, it's best. Sea, mountain with snow in saltwater and Sweden among the mountains on the other side of Vestfjorden. Beautiful so it hurts and skiing at its best if you meet right. (Yes, I'm saved)

Mattias Magnusson
Mattias Magnusson (Guest)
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OM You can imagine a lift-free week ... Recommends the site nordnorskklatreskole.no. has
peak trip lasting for a week. Go in March-early April when the snow is best and the weather is stable. Highest peak ride Geitgalletind approx. 1100möh o You go to sea level. Enormous views, untouched everywhere. Not everyone should try once in a lifetime, but with a guide, it's a bit treacherous because of sometimes changing weather conditions. Cheap prices incl. Halfpens. + Guide.

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