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Be here for the second time in February 2014 and this year it was a great deal of snow! Two years ago, there was significantly less snow.
Stay here with the family, stayed at the hotel Arlecchino a bit up in the village, even this hotel was just where the hill ends. Could ski all the way to the door as the road was covered with snow. Madesimo is a rather small system, but it suits many. As someone wrote earlier, there is really challenging skiing if you have a little imagination. The forest is wonderfully good, tall, larch forest, which turns into the forest forest a little further down. Large variety of flat and steep. This year, I also tried the Canalone offpiste, of the 14 days I spent in the resort it has been open one day. The first occasion two years ago was too little snow, and this year it was too much.
Price setting is clearly affordable, you can rent an apartment at a good price by any Milan stay (the owners usually come from there) or enter any of the hotels. The price of lunches ranged from € 7 for a pizza and € 9 for a pasta.
The reason we went here was that I was looking for an alpine where you can introduce the Alps to their children, and then this place is perfect. However, the ski school for children is no higher as the skiers hardly speak English, but as a system it is perfect.
What's negative then, it's a little wind-sensitive. You can escape the worst blast by going in the woods or the pistes that go through the woods, but the snow is packed so you do not get it "fluffy" powdered if you're wrong.

PB (Guest)
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Addition to previous reviews: Do not take the road on the other side, it's only a trough landslight while it's on the Leccosidan motorway along the entire road. If you take the tunnel under Lecco, there will never be a problem.

Sen: Fran top is a very easy-to-use off-piste of hog class. Nice colouirer, long hanging. Fro the avant-garde with some imagination there's cruel coverage ...

Matilda (Guest)
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Just returned from 4 days in Madesimo and can really recommend it! We stayed at Albergo Soldanella, 20 meters from the hill. Very nice hotel with really good food in addition, at a reasonable price. Definitely recommend! The ride was superb, there is a famous offpistback that goes from the top, the cab lanes that go to it, however, be a long queue for the weekend. 3-4 days are enough days. For a week's skiing, the system may be felt by the smallest team. We flew with Ryanair to Begamo and the driving time from there was barely 3 hours, but then we got stuck both times in the city of Lecco which is a real bottleneck. Try and drive on the other side of Lake Como instead.

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A snow-proof pearl in Italy. I have never eaten as good food in the Alps as in the restaurants like when I was there, but sometimes it was a fluorescent lighting, but what does it do? Ingemar Stenmark practiced here a lot in his time. Cannelone is wonderful in loose snow. Please come here and mys and I will take my children with me next time.

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February 2007.

Lung ski resort with many Italians. The backs are well-prepared and the lifts are modern, and there are no slip lifts, which may be nice. Does the previous speaker agree that this ski area is about 3 days off, do you come with children, it's okay with more days. There are many small hotels, good to live almost anywhere when the lifts go down to the village in three places. prices from 30-100 euro / day / person.

Food Recommend, Resturang Osteria Vegia, delicious if you want Italian but do not be surprised, there is no menu :) Located 200m south of the valley station for the cab lane.

Observe that the road up to Madesimo is narrow and steep at the end, it's the bad roadway driving the longer way up, you arrive at a sign where it's 5 or 8km to Madesimo.

Time from Bergamo is 2 hours.

Will return with the whole family next time.


Johan and Eve

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Genuine Italian ski resort your most Milanese themselves seem to find. Despite only 13 lifts, there is a lot of skiing here and well groomed slopes. Kanonställe if you have the family on skiing adventure, very red and blue.
The favorite slopes are those at Val Di Lei, where you can almost always find unspoiled in close proximity to the slopes. Very quiet and quiet at the lunch restaurant, where you can enjoy both Italian food and the lentils in the sunshine. On the way back, one takes advantage of the two off-piste roads that hug the mustache out of anyone.
Go there for the third consecutive year in two weeks ...

Urban (Guest)
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Last weekend in January 2006.
There was 80 cm of dry snow in 1 day. Unbelievably fun! Nice backs but it's going to be fun with more than 3 ski days. Great food and good drink.

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