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Stayed in the small village of Mase 4 km from Nax so then the choice was given to go there. Nä, not a big system for being in the Alps, but at least hit the horse lengths everything I have traveled in both Sweden and Finland. Best is probably that there are now no people there. A retirement home, if you are, then the Scious pensioners often get out of the way at all. But the advantage of this place must be the extraordinary beginner offpiste so incredibly easy to access just the short-term slopes, on the back of Mount Noble. Large rolling fields just short-lived the pisted slopes. And then you come down to the elevator how easy again. Would probably describe it as a big national boundary with me. If you get up at the top, you'll have some nice off-piste meadows to go on and can drive the locked downhill through the woods.

Alec (Guest)
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Been in Nax 2 years ago. agrees with previous resents. Easily learned system, with the best on the back of the system, where there are a number of small jumps and rocks, a la Riksgränsen. Inge queues worth mentioning :)

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Absolutely ok place for those who do not have such high demands. Nax is a city located about 30 minutes from the city of Zion, which lies down in the valley.
As mentioned, the ski system is very small with alpine dimensions and does not require much skiing skills from the skier.
Of course, Nax breaks everything that is available in Sweden, but it is everywhere in the Alps. The views, the snow, the atmosphere, the food and the overall feeling are simply warmer.
Liftköerna are non-existent and the best skiing is achieved if you take the two button lifts (one is right tall) around mont noble to the La Combe section. There the bays are berdast, brilliant and best prepared.

For families and older people, Nax can be a real find because there are so many people, easy to learn the system and easy-going.