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Chris Chan
Chris Chan (Guest)
If you love your powder then there's simply no better place in the world in January than Niseko... Right off the lifts you're getting great turns - knee deep every second day, waist deep in between!

While inbounds in Japan you won't find the same kind of steeps you'll find in say Jackson Hole, the steeps are there, you'll just have to hike for them. There's also a good park, a huge FIS Superpipe, very cool people and great food... but you'll go to Niseko for the powder and you'll be blown away.

Look around and you'll find there's a wide range of accommodation options - it isn't all luxury package tours! Japan is actually quite reasonably priced, but you can't get around the fact that you do have to fly a long way. It's only a touch further flying to Tokyo than to Whistler, but it's such a very different experience that it's really worth it.

And ask around... no-one goes to Japan just once. It's the kind of place that once you've been once you can't wait to get back to. There's two big differences between Niseko and everywhere else in Japan. One is how easy it is do everything... English works pretty much everywhere, meaning you find your challenges on the hill instead of at your hotel check-in. The other big difference is Niseko's attitude to backcountry. It rocks compared to the rest of Japan, which is often fairly restrictive. You can see the pow, it's just there on the other side of the rope... but duck a rope and you will get chased and have your lift pass pulled. Not fun. Niseko is very different...

Check the mags and search the websites, watch almost any video from the last ten years and you'll read about Niseko and see the powder for yourself.

This is somewhere you've really got to check out yourself... powder heaven, reasonable prices, and a great culture and people as well.

The greatest powder is on the Hanazono side, and no lift lines. Great and reasonable lodging at Freedom Inn ( very close to the slopes.

Been there 3 times and the powder skiing is awesome, in particular skiing through the trees - check out Strawberry and Blueberry fields.

Check out Wild Bills for a good night out.

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A lot of snow and when it snows it snows a lot.
Easily accessible off-piste, needs walking and sloping but perfectly ok.
Found untouched powder even in the afternoon.
Also went to Rusutsu one day when there was a lot of snow which was magical.

03/03/2019 (Modified: 03/03/2019)
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Certainly, it is snowing in Niseko. Very and often. The problem is that it is well known. The whole planet's looser owners gather in Niseko and the loose snow is traced in half a morning. It does not help filling up almost daily. The lift system is also quite constricted. Different lifts and pistes have often been drawn along a common track performing the rock, which gives congestion rather than new ride surfaces. Rather go to one of the lesser-known Japanese resorts.

Andreas (Guest)
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Were there for 5-6 10 days. Annapuri clearly cruel area, close to the back of the mountain as well as moiwa. We had 4 days of snowy first days, about 40-60cm each day (biggest snowfall in 10 years). After that, we have seen the sun for the rest of the day. Lucky for us that we could touch our skins and walk to untouched snow for the slopes are quickly picked up. Certainly unusual with sun, but we obviously had a lot of that product. Try taking a daytrip to Rusutsu if you want cruising on the goose!

Anders (Guest)
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The area around and in Niseko is there for those who love to go swimming.

Niseko consists of four systems, and a small side-moiwa Moiwa where there are no lift queues and you can go untouched all day.
Have been there twice and lived in Moiwa, Northface has a newly built and fresh cottage. The second option in Moiwa is Moiwa lodge, a classic lodge driven to a couple from Australia. Great place with helpful staff and good transfer to the nearby areas and into Niseko village.

Most of them were found in Moiwa and Annapurri, there are smaller people there and not as exploited as the main system at Niseko village, where the most hang out.
The snowmobile is sufficient (at least 10m a year) and it is not rare there is a 50cm new layer when you wake up in the morning.
The fall height may not be the most kidding, but the advantage is that the Moiwa system can keep open in principle, regardless of how much it snowed, with great forest skiing and enough cushions for a full day without longer trips.
It is worth planning and taking a trip to CHISENUPURI, a down-to-earth system that, after a real snowfall, can best be described as the white sky.

Are you looking for a crazy afterski and late nights, you'll probably want to live closer to Village, where you get the chance to hang out with refreshed Australians all night long!

+ Infinity with pillows
+ easily accessible (no longer trips needed to find untrained snow even at the end of the day)
+ affordable (accommodation, ski pass, ski rental)
+ mood (you can have friends during puder days)

- Fall height sometimes feels a bit thin

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The resort is great for those looking for pillows. The fall height or slope is nothing to cheer for, but when the fresh snow is in such quantities, you have the right feet in the legs after a ride regardless. The best area was in my opinion northeastern Hirafu and Hanazono. I have also uploaded some photos and more about Japan on my travel page for the interested ...

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This movie says quite a lot. This was how it was most day off for two weeks. Had 1 (!) Day without good pow. We also got some sunshine which is unusual.

dennis (Guest)
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awesome place! was there on 4 and 5 2011. started with 2 days of sunshine and some nice top trips :) Then the snow came about 30 cm every day! It is not an extreme ride, but okay, nice forest ride may not be the longest ride you have, but you can go the more so I can really recommend this place.
We hired a Swedish who lived there for 20 years approx. a rather simple house in the countryside, but cozy. about 10 min by car from central hirafu. We also had to borrow his car, it was included in the rent. then it was easy to get between the ski areas and the onsen! (hot Springs)
 then contact him if you are thinking of going there, he also guides.
Per Dahlin