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What do you think about Norefjell?
Norefjell is not my favorite. Many runs in the upper part are fairly flat and it can be a pain for snowboarders (especially in new "slow" snow) - which I believe they could actually do something about if they wanted to. Maybe for a complete beginner these runs may be a good place to start. But quickly they will be too flat.

There might be a good off piste area north-east of the Norefjell Ski & Spa hotel, next to the lift Bøseterheisen. Scattered trees but easy to go between, and a nice continous downward slope. Can you maybe even go all the way around the cabin area and get to the family area at the Ski & Spa hotel?? Lots of walking around the hotel area though.

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Scandinavia's highest drop with magical views!

When you are at the top in sunny weather you have miles of view over fjords and mountains.
On the sunny side of the mountain there are many slopes with varying slope and length - the longest slope of a total of 6,500 meters, with Scandinavia's highest drop height of 1,000 meters.

Norefjell is located 110 km west of Oslo so if you, like us, live in Gothenburg, it is closer to here than to any equivalent Swedish ski resort. The driving time from Gothenburg is just over five hours.

If the conditions are good with enough snow, there is a suitable ride for everyone in the family. The children's area and the ski school are located just outside the hotel complex Norefjell Ski & Spa and here also Norefjell's mascot Nore looks up close to the children's delight.
Norefjell offers terrain park, varied cross-country trails in beautiful mountain environment and pistes in various levels of difficulty, ranging from the children's green slopes with slow-moving button lifts to red and black slopes. If there is good snow, you also have nice off-piste skiing in the woods. You can get really long nice rides in the powder-filled ravines that scroll down the mountain. Not extremely but really fun and you are guaranteed to be really tired if you are able to stand on the whole track.

Note that if the seat lift up to the top closes then you do not take the whole system around.
This happened to us and could not take us back to Norefjell Ski & Spa through the lift system but had to rely on a minibus that was put in to take all skiers back.
If you take the car, it will only take a few minutes to travel between the different sides.

It is easy to get out in the cross country tracks when you stay at Norefjell Ski & Spa. Skiing starts outside the door. Cross-country skiing in Norefjell consists of many long groomed trails of high standard. You can already reach a beautiful mountain environment during a short trip.

In the hill there are hearty heating cabins and good lunch options. In the evening, you can have a pizza or enjoy a 3-course menu at the hotel.

At Norefjell Ski & Spa you live perfectly in modern apartments or in rooms in the hotel. All accommodation is located in Ski in / Ski out. If you live like we did in one of the apartments you get the best of both worlds. Cozy apartment where you can live with friends and where children can go out and play while you have access to all the facilities the hotel offers. It is also possible to book the All Inclusive at the hotel for those who are looking for it.

It is precisely the facilities in the hotel that provide that extra on the ski trip and where few other ski resorts can compete. The hotel offers activities such as gym, shuffle board, climbing, playroom but above all a lovely bathing area. The hotel's bathing area is fantastic with modern pools, two hot tubs and a large sauna. Entry is included when staying at the hotel or associated apartments. You should, however, avoid going to the bath just when the slopes close, as there can be a lot of people there. Rather go there on the day or later in the evening after dinner. If you want to be sure of getting peace and quiet and can think of paying a little extra (250 NOK) then you can instead go into the hotel's SPA facility. There you can sit in one of the three outdoor pools with a glass of bubble in your hand and watch the sunset. Definitely recommended!

We must say that Norefjell stands up well to other Norwegian ski resorts that we have visited
(Hafjell, Kvitfjell, Skeikampen, Gaustablikk, Hemsedal, Trysil). If the conditions are good then you will have a really nice week here. And if conditions are worse then there are still things you can do (where the bath is included in the price when you stay at Norefjell Ski & Spa). You really get a really good mountain feeling and the view in clear weather is fantastic. There are many long runs and the piste is good. You could wish for a little more modern seating lifts. Not because there will be some lift queues but because it would be easier to ride around with small children in the system. These anchor lifts dab the legs and children!

We have been in Norefjell week 1 two years in a row, this year 1-6 January. This period is usually not the Norwegians vacant and then they offer better prices. We have paid around SEK 9,000 for accommodation (shared apartment with friends) and 6 day lift pass for two adults and two children.

Plus and Minus with Norefjell
+ Good skiing suitable for everyone in the family.
+ Rarely lift queues
+ The right mountain feeling
+ Relatively short drive, 5 h from Gbg
+ Good opportunities for off-piste skiing if there is a lot of snow

- Get seat lifts
- If they close the seat lifts up to the top, you do not get around the entire system.

Our family consists of:
an off-piste loving dad who likes stughäng and sauna.
a piste-loving and cross-country mother who likes the SPA.
an eight year old girl who like well-dressed red slopes, seat lifts, and bathing.
a six-year-old girl who likes forest skiing, hopes and swimming in a whirlpool.

Anna (Guest)
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5 children and 3 adults visited Norefjell during our sports holiday week, no 7. Perfect snow conditions were waiting for massive snowfall during a couple of weeks before our arrival. However, we were a little worried that the system would be overcrowded as we, through the tour operator, were told that this particular arrival Sunday was the most busy for the facility throughout the year ... (Norefjell Ski & Spa) And yes, lift queue to the only lift up the mountain was low-key on Monday morning, but when we passed this bottleneck (which becomes unavoidable when living on this side of the mountain) we thought the whole week where all these people had taken the road? The slopes were in very good condition throughout the week, despite the fact that it drained considerably towards the end. However, what we wrestled with for several days was heavy wind, which also turned out to be Norefjell's Achilles heel. On two occasions one had to close the system in the afternoon, and on both occasions we were on the "wrong" side of the mountain, ie say that we could not get home via the slopes. "Rumor" says that there are shuttle buses that depart at Skistua and we, together with other residents at Norefjell Ski & Spa, take us there and are met by a giant cow and info that there is a minibus with 9 seats ... It takes a lot Quarter return trip by bus, ie one could transport 9 people every 20 minutes. The math was simple, the sex in front of us would take several hours to graze ... No entertaining thought with a bunch of hungry, tired and freezing children in tow. To the rescue came a number of scooters who offered interpretation over the rock, which many snatched on and the sex declined gradually, but our almost two hours in the queue was no elevation experience. Opportunity no. 2 we hit the scooter alternative directly, as the smallest children were allowed to go behind the scooter and we the others grabbed the rope behind and in a few minutes we were over the mountain and then for our own machine could go down the mountain. To recommend if you end up in the same seat :-) Despite the wind problems, we had a great week and we all give both the cottage, the facility and the slopes good grades. Our older children thought it was just right to get around themselves in the system and we can definitely imagine coming back here.

Peter (Guest)
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Have visited Norefjell several times, both for overnight and for a day trip from Oslo, no later than the first weekend of March 2018. Never been disappointed, long, varied, well-prepared backs and never queues in the lifts. If you do not want to stay at the great Clarion hotel complex, Sole Pensionat in Noresund is an option, 5 minutes from the valley station in the valley. Being able to visit Norefjell as part of a weekend in Oslo is an extra plus.

Josefin (Guest)
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I came home from Norefjell yesterday. Ever since I was born I have traveled to Norefjell for a week each year. They were my grandmother and grandfather who found Norefjell sometime in the early 60's and since then, the family has been yours every year. Throughout we have had many cottages, both rented and owned. Right now we own one of the apartments just above the ski run and the children's back. I think it's the perfect location. We have 20 meters to the slope and as soon as you get out in the morning you can put on the skis and slam down the hill. We usually go week 12 but last year it was so bad with snow so we decided to go to week 6 instead. There are many advantages to Norefjell! They are minimal queues, good slopes, fun funpark, nice cross country tracks and SUPER beautiful views. For you, like kids, I can really recommend the "road" as we call it. You get in the way if you're just back underneath the kidback, follow it until there's a deviation. The way is like the deviation. It's great fun with lots of small bumps and it's impossible to get up too high. The only downside I see is the lack of food stores, shopping malls, eateries, after skis and handsome guys. Nice guys are very important to me as a teenage girl! Otherwise, I recommend the strong Norefjell spa, the largest in Norway! The summary is that Norefjell is one of the best places on earth !!!!!

Svensken (Guest)
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Have visited Norefjell annually for the past 15 years.
The ski area is well worth a visit!
+ Good skiing (range - level), suitable for everyone in a family from mother to teenage child.
+ Usually no major lift queues (except parts of Easter)
+ Proper alp and mountain feel.
+ Good opportunity for off-piste skiing (not extreme but ok).
+ A general lifting of lifts - range of slopes has begun and has yielded results.

- Norwegian prices
- Norwegian service level
- No further afterski.

The last minus signs can be remedied by sitting and cuddling in the cabin and taking food from home and eating in the cottage.

Johan Fogelström
Johan Fogelström (Guest)
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I was in Norefjell a few years ago. Before the children came. Now we will probably be back there with some friends, families with toddlers, we are all now. Do not remember it as the worst thing about the valley station, and sparingly with snow was that too, but there is certainly a children's back there according to the pistemap ...? Should you stay up or down, I think that was a big difference? Can anyone update me because it would be nice to live close to both tracks and childbacks!
/ Johan

Karl Olofsson
Karl Olofsson (Guest)
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Perspective: Loves downhill skiing and has driven both skiing and snowboarding since small but not active for several years now.

Were in Norefjäll on Saturday and on the slopes between 11 and 16. It had snowed in Oslo for several days and even Norefjäll had very dry fine powder.

We went both the lift street (lift "A") and the steeper slopes at the start of the day but we had such a bad condition and everything was upset so it was really heavy. Believe that we would appreciate it more with a little more leg strength and fewer short-swinging kids in the back maybe xD

The rest of the day was spent in the offpiste between the lifts "H" and "A":

We started these rides in the brook line right below the lifts, but it is safe to find a good ride closer or farther away from the system as well. Unfortunately, it is very snowy forest near the calf mountain and hence a lot of ducking and sight on just reaching yards at a time.

Further down in the woods comes brighter and more open parties where the really nice ride is found. With a little leg strength to back up the landings, you can find drops between 2-5 meters a little depending on where you go down.

At the end of this area there is a lot of calf to play in, unfortunately, the area has become flatter again so it's hard to get enough speed to jump a lot, but the hygiene begins below those steep parties so there are great opportunities to bring take a spade and make a jump with beautiful landings!

Suitably, this track ends with a scooter track that leads straight to the system's bottom lift! We drove quite straight on that elevator so we do not really know how far from the system you can go without missing that trail, but probably one kilometer wide area with really nice offpiste =)

Kompis (Guest)
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Great place, just 10 miles from Oslo, the same way as Hemsedal!
Were there this weekend and it was wonderful conditions, arrived on friday, and snowing at night about 5cm sneezing on the sled, clearing. On the sun there was a glorious sun and a few minus on the top.

Proper alp feeling at the top, above the tree line, and powerful 1000m fall height, (must be more than Hemsedal, because the valley station is 180m compared with Hemsedal's 700mtr).

Long, steep and nice sucking red and black downhill trails to the valley, and proper butterflying at the top.
Adequately large for 2-3 days, (maybe no longer though).

The disadvantages are as usual in Norway, hopeless road connections, the 20 mile gbg limit takes ½ time compared to the 20 mile boundary-norefjell. It's so boring to drive a car in Norway so you go to go there, unfortunately !!!

And the prices are not understandable, if you stay at the top of the hotel it can cost over 2'500 .- NOK / pers for a weekend, (can be found considerably cheaper in the valley).

And a hamburgers counter in the back costs 90NOK !!!

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Have been on a day trip to Norefjell.

It's a good ride to be so "close" at home (32 miles one way). I liked the lower parts of the system better because the slopes were steeper there. On top it was just too flattery for my taste.

Well worth visiting!

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