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It may not snow really as much in Rusutsu as it does in Kiroro or Niseko, but it will still snow so it's enough. The lift system is considerably airier designed than in Niseko and the swing space on the slopes is thus much better, but in spite of this it is also fairly quickly traced.
Just as the previous reviewer wrote, I also think that the slopes are exceptionally good. Just steep, even slope, well-groomed and with plenty of space.
The biggest drawback is that it is difficult to obtain affordable accommodation. The resort is dominated by two large, expensive, kitschy luxury hotels and the few cheaper guesthouses that are available are booked early.

01/12/2017 (Modified: 14/03/2019)
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Went to Rusutsu after checking out SalomonFreeskiTV hoping to go as they did. No, but hoping to get as much powder as they (the terrain park was bigger in reality ...).

Unfortunately it was never really junky snow but all days were powder days with Swedish dimensions. And it never came directly to the fact that the others who were there were 1,000 Japanese school classes who were on one and the same hill.

The terrain was really fun! Not steep, good sparse forests, fun ravines and just a few minutes from the lifts fans went the slightly larger, open spaces. For the rest, the slopes were also better than expected if one were to be hungry for a Japanese ski trip.

We stayed at Clydesdale Guest House with the world's coolest and most helpful couple. Stay away from the luxury hotels and stay there ( and eat and eat with the Japanese in the small, greasy huts in the evenings.