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+ Great access to lift-off offpiste, lots of more offpiste without going very much, beautiful mountains, cheap, Iranians!

- Dangerous carriage from Tehran due to avalanches and wild traffic, bad tipping, lift queues if there is nice weather, only three dishes: Lamb kebab, Sish kabeb or Mix kebab.

We were there for a week in February 2006. Went in our own right and came away very cheaply. Flight, transfer, accommodation, food, lift pass and guide half week for 6000 SEK.

Our guide can be reached via:

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Small ski resort located about 1.5 hours north of Tehran. The combination of steep slopes and unprecedented pistons makes the whole system get a characteristic of puck piste if it has not snowed for a while. That's how it was when I was there.

We were lucky enough to get a lot of snow during the night so day two there was a pillow paradise. Small people and fairly large areas make it possible to find untouched parties for a long time. In addition, the snow is of the dry type that keeps it easy even after it is exposed.

A ski trip to Iran can certainly be recommended. Not only because of the skiing but also because of the wonderfully nice and hospitable Iranians, like westerners, you are very well received.

Day passes about 30kr.