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06/11/2021 (Modified: 06/11/2021)
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Solitude Mountain Resort
Maybe a bit of a forgotten gem in Big Cottonwood Canyon, well really the whole of Big Cottonwood is a bit in the shadow of its more famous neighbors in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Alta & Snowbird.
When you also on the other side of the peaks, Park City has a jibbing mecca and Deer Valley with perfectly arranged manchester and bling bling, well then it might be easy to get a little forgotten.
But when it comes to what makes you go to Utah "the greatest snow on earth" and off-piste skiing, Solitude really shines.
Of course Alta is the place that is most mythical and gets the largest numbers but also the most people and queues. I think that Alta and Snowbird are a bit sharper, but the combination of smaller people and almost equal amounts of snow about 12m / year makes Solitude a little gem that must be visited when skiing around Salt Lake City's fantastic mountains.

Solitude together with Brighton higher up in the valley broods on really good off-piste & turning between the areas which is quite easily accessible and is perhaps the best of all in the area and a bit forgotten.
The area is most easily reached from Brighton and is a bit more exposed to get in from Solitude, but since the off-piste in the ski area is fantastic, it is great to drive there a few rides and then get out.
Take you up to the top of Summit Express and then Fantasy Ridge you then see the ridge picture 1, then just drive as many rides as you can. Skins, avalanche kit and of course control of the avalanche report and do not forget water, coffee and a little jaw as it takes a little time to get out again. But maybe that's why the snow is untouched longer than usual in Utah's gems.
There are also nice summit trips to do after all the way up in Big Cottonwood, but make sure to be loaded and of course check the latest avalanche forecast. Most good parking by the road.

Neither Solitude nor Brighton really have any accommodation options like Alta & Snowbird unless you have a bag full of dollars. However, it is very easy to have a car and live down in Salt Lake City… .in addition to the queues on a "real" powder day, so go in time!… Ie queue at the barrier and be ready when the road opens after avalanche control and explosions.

When it comes to food, it is classic American with burgers in the lead that counts eller .or also it was just us who like Burgers and Bira!…

Blid 1: Back Solitude between Solitude & Brighton Resort with Mt Wolverine in the background.
Image 2: Best inbound off-piste in Honeycomb Canyon (Black Bess Chutes)
Picture 3, 4, 5: from the area in blid 1 taken from the traverse out of Solitude towards Mt Wolverine

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Really awesome skiing, both in the piste and in the off-piste. When you first come to the resort it feels very small and you wonder if it really was worth your trip. But if you take a look at a piste map and go to skiers left before the family back then you come to the larger part of the resort which is pretty invisible from both lift hubs. If you take the Moonbeam express from the day's guest parking, you can take skiers left to Powderhorn2 which is a very slow and long lift that takes one to the top of powderhorn2. At the top there are 1600 ft down to the bottom. You can also take skiers right to Summit express where you can get 1800 ft top to bottom. Something that I would really suggest is to take off the skis after Summit express and go up to Fantasy Ridge. When you come up your should be careful when you can leave Solitude and end up in Alta if you go down the wrong side. Fantasy ridge offered really awesome powder riding as well as cruel drop even though it was more our feeling and I was there between the snow storms so it did not have snowed for 7-8 days.

Ulf (Guest)
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Can not but recommend Solitude. Three days after a heavy snowfall among the mountain peaks closest to Salt Lake City, Alta was completely uprooted. We chose to keep looking for pillows in Solitude instead, we did not regret it when we found amazing pillows for two days! Mk less Msk who wants to run pillows in Solitude than Alta, Snowbird etc.