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Shredder Xtreme
Shredder Xtreme (Guest)
Taos is one of the best areas I have ever skied. Other than than the total vertical and amount of snowfall seasonally, the terrain and quality of snow are hard to match. The area is more than 50% black diamond and they are REAL blacks...not Mammoth (my home area) or Vail wannabe blacks. The locals are total shredders (skiers only) and are super fun to party with. All in all this is a gem of an area as long as the super dry stuff keeps falling. I think I might buy some property there.

The Shredmeister

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Fantastic ski resort with its own style!
The ride is very steep with excellent woodland and very easy powder snow.
The outpost is very easy to access but despite that, there are no major problems finding nice snow, as most seem to keep in the open bowls.
If you feel like putting a cut in the piste, Taos is the most well-ventilated place I've been to!
I therefore strongly recommend!
But maybe it's not the ultimate place for party ...

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A mountain that requires a lot of snow so that the steep slopes can be skis. One of two places in the US that has snowboarding free, the other is Alta in Utah. Nice place, relaxed, lots of places to hustle, Kachina Peak is an experience, takes about 30 minutes to get there, good for fitness. Taos usually has the best deals on season passes that include days in Crested Butte, Telluride, Durango and Monarch. A little gem in New Mexico that has to be visited. Good accommodation at SnowMansion hostels, located on the way up to the ski resort.