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After a 45-minute walk from the parking lot, you will reach the lodge and the base station for Temple Basin's ski area. Your equipment sends you into a "flying fox" a material lift that unfortunately is not made for people. Upstairs you have access to a kitchen, you can buy food, beds are good and friendly staff. A little cheaper to buy ski passes if you join the Ski Club that owns Temple Basin. Clubfields are often owned by a club, hence the name.
If you get a dump when you're there, you'll have access to the sickest bowls and areas that NZ can give.

Even ski school is available but I would not trust 100% of the guys who worked there, some half-deserved Canadian ships who worked there for 10 years. They also drove the ski patrol on their Fischer RC4 from -84.

Also nutcracker lifts powered by a Subaru tractor engine.

Charming and solid!

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The lovely walk up to the area is worth it!
3 replicas (Nutcracker lifts) these cover 2 bowls if you expect a little hiking.
Watch out for stup as these are not excellent.
Good and changing terrain, lots of small drops and corridors. A lovely playground.
Since divorces are included in the price, ask for a guided tour outside regular scratches, many small hiding places.
At full moon it may be night skiing if the staff feels for it, worth experiencing.
In case of fresh snow: take care when it is going to blow up soon.
Mostly no snow in the valley where you go from looking out to enjoy the view.

Sanders (Guest)
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Not as brilliant as Craigieburn neighbor but snowmobile (11m per year) o very charming. Leave the equipment down at the launcher o Start the rather strenuous 45min walk up to the lifts. Here you really live in the middle of the mountain. As always in NZ, the staff are disgustingly nice o the food is good. Same low price as in Craigieburn (1500 for a week with ALL !!) Even this clubfield lacks a pistol which means 100% offpiste! Strong rocks to drop off.