Ski resorts in Switzerland
Toggenburg includes Alt St. Johann/Toggenburg, Ebnat-Kappel - Toggenburg, Krummenau - Wolzenalp - Toggenburg, Obertoggenburg - Toggenburg, Unterwasser - Toggenburg, Wildhaus - Toggenburg

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Lommen (Guest)
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Was there today to go through the system, really good ride I have to say. The highest point was 2228m, which reached 1400m fall height.
Quite ok red wide nice slopes made for fast carving and they get black were really good ones with.
As many not say "foreigners" here, no queues (us v9). Stöfeli's Gulach soup was a cannon to the location was top.
Can really be recommended if you want to avoid queues to set the time on the snow instead.

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Toggenburg is one of the ski resorts where there are hardly any tourists, it is mostly Switzerland who go there and one and another British.
The queens are almost non-existent, even in high season. Week 8 and 9 are good weeks when it's really quiet there, it seems to me that there are some vacancies that the Swiss have. But to be on the safe side so it's snow all the way down to the valley, it is recommended to go week 6 or earlier.
The ride is entertaining even though it is not such a big system, it fits very well for families with children, but also those who want to go a little more, at least if it only lasts a week.
Recommends the black back to the left of the pistemap. Starts with a fairly steep puck pistachio which then passes into a ravine. Most gentle hill in my mind.

Should you eat in the hill, I recommend the resturant Stöfeli, lovely location and totally unwelcome food and prices. And the restuarant in Selamatt, where the outdoor seating is in a hole and the sun is getting really hot, because there is always a windy rest.

The "nightlife" is nothing to cheer for, there is a bar in Unterwasser, which I do not know what it's called, lies the hotel hotel Stiernen. There all the ski instructors, firemen and firemen gather in the village. So I can imagine that there can certainly be a good weekend, but in the middle of the week (..).

Keep in mind that all food stores are closed on Sundays and close very early on Saturdays. But, as I said, the family of children fits well.