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Frida Jonegard
Frida Jonegard (Guest)
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Just coming home after a winter season in Vail (or actually 45 min outside). Snon in Colorado is scarce in sarcasm because it is said to be incredibly dry. Though they have not taken too much trouble, it's breathless. If you work for Vailresorts (which works most), you have a lot of advances. With your employee ski pass you can drive in Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone and A Basin. Vail is undoubtedly the best ski area. Unbelievably big and lots of pudersno. In the A-Basin you can drive until 4th of July ... Keystone has a rifle skiing every day until 21:00. Breckenridge is also very nice, with large halfpipe and a lot of variety.

As a tourist, however, it is very expensive and you live aka in Feb.-March, because then Snon narrows too much. It's better to go there and work. You have discounts on all restaurants, free ski passes to waterfalls and you shawls, good weather (I have saved 25,000 sec), etc. You hit lots of people, etc.

If it's snowy, it's a rocky mountain nest in sarcity .... If not-less good. The last three ares have been all down, said .... But good service, free bus link between Keystone, A Basin and Breck. as well as the resorts around. Conveniently elevated, very sunny and friendly atmosphere.

(Hopefully you will not be 3 final letters ... I find myself in the United States.)

Pelle 000403
Pelle 000403 (Guest)
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Vail is a super-large area. Lots of good skiing, with varying terrain. What's missing is really steep and cool. However, it is compensated by the glorious snow, the Goa'pists and the pleasant climate, especially now, in the spring.

Prices are a clear minus. Vail tries to maintain a very high standard of pistes, off-pistes, restaurants, hotels, etc. The resort also attracts mainly to cool guests who can afford to pay and as long as they will learn, prices will remain high.

Nightlife does not matter for hacks. During high season the streets of people and pubs flood and discons are crammed.

Vail's ski area will only be bigger and bigger. This year, a new "back bowl", Blue Sky Basin, opened an off-piste area with two lifts that have forests, cliffs and hills.

The lifts are another plus: There is not a single anchor lift and just a button lift. Most of them are fast lounges that quickly take what you want: Up. Of course, the queues are infinite.

I do not know if Vail is the first place I would think of if it was a season of skiing alone and not a job. Anyway, I would do both, so Vail is a cannon place!

Not forgetting: With your ski pass you also have access to Beaver Creek, Keystone and Breckenridge. All owned by Vail Associates. Beaver Creek is a real jet-set place, where furrows are crowded with next-next year's skis. Beaver Creek can offer really good slopes, some good off-piste and a small sago town with escalators up to the hill, electric heated streets and squares and pines with christmas lights. Whole winter!

Patrik (Guest)
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Wonderful ski system, pillows in lots, etc, etc ...
But, and it's a big BUT, it's so j ** let expensive !!
Maybe it was fun at first, but then you're tired of all the Porsche, Cadillac and Ferrari, not to mention all the fat, over-the-worlds who plow themselves in the middle of the world cupback with their jumps! Then, when you get down to the lift, you'll see that they are heading for next year's super ski ....
Then you wish you had a weapon .....
But, the snow and the slopes and glacier makes me have to put a tree!