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Ashley (Guest)
We booked a rental car through Vail with Hertz. It was an absolutely horrible experience. Before our trip we booked a 7 person rental car with a carrier on top of the car, they told us we were getting a suburban or similar. We finally arrive in Colorado and get to Hertz to pick up our vehicle. We have luggage for 4 people and 4 peoples snowboards. We get to the the counter and they let us know our Mazda is ready, we ask can we please see the car, because that is not what we were told we were getting. This car was a crossover vehicle with ski racks on the top, we don’t ski, we specifically told them snowboards. Then, we had to raise a fit for them to make to make it right, we finally got the suburban after they charged us for it as well! Not happy. So hertz said we had to call Vail and figure it out with them. We are on vacation! We called Vail and they told us we would get a call back, they never called us, we had to continually call them. Then they told us we had to call Hertz and figure it out ourselves, that’s when we absolutely had enough. I some with Adam a manager and asked him if he thought the customer should be put in the middle. He agreed absolutely not, and he said we would hear back shortly. We’ve been home for a week and still nothing. Vail customer service is a terrible excuse for service. We are so disappointed that helping a customer here has gone down the drain so far. People are dropping a lot of money on their vacations and they don’t have the decency off to respect to call them back not even with an update. This will cripple your resorts if you let them it s mentality of who cares about the customer continue. Extremely unsatisfied.

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Spent 2 weeks in vail, 5 days in the resort & 5 days touring. I lived with locals who had extremely good knowledge of the mountain after 20 years of experience.
I had good snow conditions & traveled all the time with friends who found everywhere, for riders who are in the advanced direction there were some fun terrain.

However, most guests who went to vail were not in the advanced direction, very many mediocre riders who gladly spent a lot of money on fur jackets and expensive lunches on the slopes.

The back of the vail consists of large bowls, the front of the piste slopes. Unfortunately the whole mountain is quite flat (with some exceptions) with a lot of transport routes because they have linked so many different valleys.

I am very happy I had friends that I visited or it would have been very difficult to find the more interesting rides.

+ Large area
+ Good forest skiing
+ A lot of rocks
+ Mediocre riders who stayed off the piste
+ Stable weather, short intense storms since long period with bluebird
- Very nice
- Short opening hours on the lifts.

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I spent half a season in Vail; from Lucia 2017 to the end of February 2018. Reason why it did not become a full season? Yes, of course, visa. But in the name of honesty I probably would not have chosen to stay longer in Vail anyway. 10 weeks was just right there.

Vail has all kinds of skiing for all types of skiers - but only within the enclosed area. Luckily, however, the hanging area is huge. And god grace the one who pops a rope, then the lift pass smokes! This is a strict security measure in the United States. Partly because the snow cover in Colorado is known to be unstable and there are too many deaths every year in avalanche accidents. First, it is a safety measure that Vail Resorts should not be sued if someone is injured in the area.

Vail's ride reminds me a little about Åre, though at much higher altitude, more widespread and with worse apres ski. The fall height is about the same. We calculated that it only differs 20m in the largest drop height between Åre and Vail. The tree line in the US is much higher than it is in Europe. This means that there is a lot of exciting forest skiing all over Vail - and it is the forest cover that I think is Vail's strongest side. The front of the mountain consists of a wide range of slopes for all kinds of skiers. However, look for Double-diamonds if you are not a mogul skier. Some Americans seem to love super-steep humpbacks - and most of these slopes are called a double black diamond in the piste map. The back, so-called "Back Bowls" are 4 unrepaired, lift-borne pots that you can go in. At the bottom is the Blue Sky Basin which is a mixed area with pistes and unprepared forest skiing. Everyone loves to throw themselves off the Back Bowls and it gets quickly uphill. But if you know the mountain well, you can find completely untouched stretches within the area.

Vail usually get large amounts of snow, but when we were there we instead got large amounts of sun and not quite as much snow. Most days it was pretty hard on the slopes, run up in Back Bowls with somewhat better forest skiing. But even though the season was sluggish, we got some powder days anyway. When a lot of snow had fallen, it was full on the bus to the lifts and miles long powder queues before the lifts had even opened. Of course we also stood there and were excited about taking the first turns in deep, soft, untouched snow. And when we got that dream piece, we laughed at laughter and happiness as a child.

Vail Resorts is one of America's largest ski orders and also owns most locations in the US, Canada and now more in Europe. If you buy a lift pass through Vail Resorts you can choose to buy one or more systems. When we had an Epic Pass we had unlimited access to all locations Vail Resorts owns in the US and days in Canada. However, we only deal with so much with him. And the price tag for a ski pass? Yes men's boots, you have to save properly to afford to ski in the US. A 7-in-10-day card costs $ 889 and funny enough, a seasonal card costs the same. However, you must be out in good time if you are going to buy a Full Epic Pass. Accommodation and equipment hire is also really expensive. So my tip if you want to go to Vail is to either start saving in good time to afford to go on holiday, or get to know someone who lives in Vail so you get a local deal. We succeeded with the latter. Through some acquaintances we got our Epic Pass cheaper and rent a room in a fresh apartment in West Vail for a realistic sum. In Vail Village are all hotels, so no locals live there. Most live either in East or West Vail where free buses go. There are also cheaper apartments in Streamside that you can rent.

Vail Village houses lots of restaurants, shops, bars and hotels. Here you can easily maintain during days when there is bad weather or when you simply do not feel like being tamped in lift queues or run-up slopes. Should you shop or eat, however, you must be prepared to pay accordingly. Like most other things in Vail, sensible food is super expensive. Raw materials in the food stores are expensive and most restaurants as well. Fast food is cheap though and if you want to go to a really good and affordable place then it is La Cantina - a Mexican street food place in the bus terminal. Another cozy place we often used to go to drink hot chocolate with rum in is the American version at an Austrian restaurant - Almresi. Great food, good drinks and friendly staff! And what about apres ski in Vail? In our dimensions, measured, non-existent. You order a beer or a Moscow Mule at a nice bar and listen at most to a cozy troubadour.

On the whole, Vail is good but certainly not the best. I don't think it's worth its price tag as we have even better skiing in Europe for a much nicer sum. If you want an American ski experience, then absolutely. But in that case I would rather recommend going to the much more convivial Breckenridge which is an hour away.

+ good forest skiing
+ large and widespread area
- expensive
- a lot of people
- "plastig" and mediocre place

Rekognil (Guest)
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Having been skiing for over 40 years, I keep Vail at the top of the list. Incredibly good runs also offpiste. The setting is good when Vail is focused on skiing, not a lot else ... Easy to find your own favorite places to get in peace.

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Vail is damn overrated. It's good with many fun little birds that are badly accessible and a nice park. The slopes are, to some extent, very good and their incredible professionalism in terms of service is impressive. The bowls are so damn exaggerated that it's embarrassing! Great slopes that are not so incredibly impressive. The blackbacks of the shock are better than China Bowl. And if you go farther than china bowl, you have to get back on transport distances for half an hour if it's been a bit new. There would be a lift back! The blue sky basin with a lot of tough names on its slopes like steep & deep etc gets up in 1 hour because most good rides will be there, as the rest of Vail is not particularly steep. Vail is good in many ways ...... but there are no five ......

Beaver Creek is, however, a place that has incredibly much to offer. It's cheeky, which causes lots of strange people with mink fur on the jacket flying by. But this is incredibly positive! Mink coat does not go offpiste and it has Beaver Creek in quantities and it is usually completely untouched. We went untouched for 3 days after snowfall and it was good and brighter than Vail. The slopes and parks here are of a bad standard. Here are some of the absolute best pisted slopes I've been in my life. No people at all in the slopes and never more than 3 chairs in front of you in sex means that 82-dollar lift passes feel quite cheap compared to Tandådalen!

My opinions are based on a number of weekends in both places during their best season in man name, ie 05-06.

Vail is a weak 3rd and Beaver Creek is a bell 5th

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Good place. Incredible off-piste opportunities adjacent to the lifts (for those who do not like to knock) Bowlsen in Vail is grim! a little flat but big as a fan so there is room for everyone. Used to be quite empty there behind fact! However, not comparable to resorts like Chamonix & co

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Vail I no ordinary ski resort, it's so incredibly much bigger than you can imagine. and snow is good! Let's just say that on average it falls about 4m a year! Now, we had the unlucky not to get more than 3 "sneezing the whole week I was there, but even if this was the case, this was the best skiing I've ever had! This week (v5 2005), Vail Snowcrew had been too bad to piss the whole chinabowl! which corresponds to the total pistoys of the seal ... AS A BIG BACK! From the elevator you could see the pisted hill at 180 degrees! and how many people they send up with the lifts, rarely see more than 15 people in one and the same hill!

This is also Ulf Edborg's home town, an incredibly cool 70-year-old ski instructor who departs from most 25-year-olds!

The park was one of the best I've seen ... pissed daily, including its superpipe!

Heavenly good is no understatement ... and if it comes to a half-meter powder, it's easy a 7a!

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Very nice off-piste skiing we got in Back Bowlsen. Very sore area, so there's room for being alone, just daring to get away from the masses.
The coolest thing I saw was enough 9 !!!!!! pistons in a row, I have never seen so many at once, but it was only because they could swell down the fluffy snow ... An incredibly high rating is due to the fact that there was so much snow and good skiing in Back Bowlsen, plus an incredibly kind ski instructor (it was not mine, but he was nice).

The long queues up to the top to get over to Bowls were very annoyed, and some people (as some others said) are incredibly rich and just on the slopes to get some up in their new ski pics.

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Vail is as big as hell. It is abundant of slopes of lanes and large wide unspoiled open pistes with lifts. Whenever you find yourself in the system, it's never far to lovely dry loose snow.
It is clear that the ski system is located in the United States. There are only chairlifts (except a small button lift).
Everything is expensive in Vail. The lift passes a fortune and also the food. But the snow is soooo lovely!

Can definitely recommend Vail!

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Vail an unforgettable experience with the entire registry as a supply. If it's snowing one night, you can count on it 3 days after that. If you want to say that the snow is coming during the week, on weekends, whales go skiing skiers from all the colorado's corners. Good quick lifts. As well as varied terrain.
Just have one thing to say about this ski resort. Had almost good times there. Get there ... The negative is, of course, the price of the lift card, Omman does not have a so-called season card of course. $ 50 for a day is a little bit expensive, despite Vail ....

Beaver Creek offers magnificent slopes, long rivers and little people.
Here are equally expensive ski passes ..