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This amazing classic valley!!
Easily accessible by car, plane and train.

We took the nice train for SEK 11,100 from Malmö to Jenbach, the last stop before Innsbruck.
2 adults and our 4 children aged 15, 13, 10, 10, food on both the journey there and home, including 1 pair of skis.

From Jenbach to Zell am Ziller, or Zell as the town is called, we took the Zillertalbahn at a cost of 32 Euro (requires cash payment, does not take cards).
It is also fine to take bus no. 8330 which goes all the way to Mayerhofen. If you have got hold of your lift tickets before the trip there, you can ride both the bus and the Zilletalbahn via the lift tickets.

We stayed at the Landhaus Kupfner, a stone's throw from the Rosenalmbahn valley station in Zell.
Bus 8330 stops outside the valley station/Landhaus Kupfner, making it easy to get to both Jenbach and Mayerhofen.

We rented skis via the internet at Intersport, which is located in the same building as the Rosenalmbahn valley station, thus a stone's throw from the accommodation.

What you have to remember when it comes to the Zillertal, maybe all of Austria if you plan self-catering, is that most grocery stores are closed on Sundays. The exception is a Spar in Mayerhofen.

I'm not going to say anything about the skiing..
Just finish by telling you that me and the whole family are very positively surprised by the trip with the kind train. Good with space (197 cm tall), perfectly ok food, good service. I had not chosen a seat with a table, as the legroom in those seats was more limited.

kr123 (Guest)
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Often not rolled after fresh snow.
Service very bad

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Stayed in Lanerbach this year v4 but drove a day in Zell im Ziller on a recommendation from a guide we went with the day before in Hintertux. The reason is the many possibilities for close off piste skiing in this area and that there are fewer people there compared to eg Kaltenbach / Hochzillertal where many German day skiers stop instead of going further into the valley.
The best area with easily accessible off-piste is from Übergangsjoch and down towards Rosenalm.
The outside of 19c and then all the way down to the Plattenanger sled lift contains very good skiing and fine forest. Make sure you keep track of the tow lifts only.

Even under the Kreuzwiesn Xpress lift there are many surfaces for off-piste, but even under the Kreuzjoch Xpress it is possible to go.
The slopes and lifts in this area (did not go in the other areas Gerlos and Königsleiten) are very good. However, there had come a lot of snow this day and then it became puckelist in many pistes towards the afternoon so most of the riding was done outside the piste.

This is exactly what makes the Ziller Valley so incredibly good. You can always find good snow for the day in a large and varied ski area for both piste and off-piste. Car hire is of course an advantage if you want to be free and mobile, but buses and trains will take you between all areas.

Sofia Berglund
Sofia Berglund (Guest)
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Zillertal, a ski resort where you get a little of everything. That was the first impression I got when I got there. Even though it was so incredibly nice there, I really enjoyed the beautiful view when I got up in the first lift. Long nice slopes, suitable for both experienced and inexperienced riders, as there are both steep and slippery slopes. Which is good, when you do not need to know if you are good on skis or not. Go to the Zillertal although it is the first time you go skiing. As I said, the big variation in the resort is positive. While some go in the top of the hill, some can go a long way down to the valley. There is a bit of each, the area suits everyone. If you are not the person who goes up and down the slopes constantly, you can enjoy the nice view and the wide range of restaurants. However, it may be good to think that the portions are very large. I have eaten food at the circus of ten restaurants there, and each time the portions have been giant. There is something to keep in mind when you go there. I, who go a lot of skis, can say that I also enjoyed the view during the skiing, as you could look out over the beautiful mountains that the sun loosens when you went as well.

I have visited Zillertal several times, I'll be honest and say that when it's not sunny it's not as beautiful. When it's cloudy, you can not get that much out of the ski resort. The slopes are not as nice, it quickly gets big snowy and icey on the slopes. Even the beautiful view disappears, the clouds cover it and you want to see the beautiful view if you are going skiing in the Ziller Valley. Most benefits of the ski resort disappear when the sun goes into clouds and the weather fails one.

It costs money to go skiing everywhere. In Austria you can add a little extra slant if you want to go skiing. However, you do not have to go skiing to visit this ski resort, if you want to stroll around and dine at the restaurants, or enjoy the weather as mentioned earlier. Although it is more expensive than in Sweden, it is a completely different experience than Sälen in the mountains, because here you go at a different height. Although there are 84 slopes to get down from here, there is a very wide range. However, I can not review the accommodation in Zillertal, since I have lived in Uttendorf the times I have been there.

In summary, I want to give this ski resort a four, as it is not the best ski resort because it depends on the weather. There are more advantages than disadvantages, therefore, the resort has a four. I really recommend the nice resort, but go there when it's nice weather. If the weather fails one, you can go to another ski resort near the Zillertal.

06/03/2018 (Modified: 08/03/2018)
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I have had the great privilege of being taken as the "Test Pilot" for the Zillertal ski area in Tyrol, Austria. I am writing area as it is about four major lift systems and some really small in the valley with a few side passes. The four major systems are not assembled, but are separate systems with ski buses that connect them and skid skiers between the systems as well as to and from the hotels. The valley itself is 600 meters, while the skiing itself is from about 900 meters upwards, which means you can take a lift up to the base of the ski areas.

Me and my son spent four days in the Ziller Valley. For two days we went to Pistachio Mayrhofen, a day offpiste in the same area and a day offpiste in a small system called Gerlossteiner. My review will therefore be based on Mayrhofen when it comes to pistachio. Mayrhofen has no great fall height and the visitors are quite many but it has very efficient lifts. This means that while there are quite long queues in the most popular lifts, the queue will never be annoyingly long. In the morning, the slopes are well groomed, but with many skiers and efficient lifts it becomes crowded in some slopes and reared after lunch. But if you stay away from the most popular slopes you will find almost untouched pistons in the late afternoon.

When we were in Zillertal they had not had a real snowfall of 10 days, which meant that all offpiste beside the lifts was raised but after a snowfall there are very easy accessible areas to reach directly from the lifts. If, like we are prepared to hesitate 15-30 min. unpainted surfaces remain after 10 days. The terrain is varied and fits everything from beginners to talented and used riders. The little thing I saw from Gerlos seemed to have the same possibilities there. One clear advantage I experienced is that most others visiting Mayrhofen most are there to go skiing.

If you want to invest in longer trips with or without starting from lifts, the possibilities are almost endless. Zillertal is big and there is probably a lot of nice skiing for the top enthusiast. I saw lots of opportunities for 1-2 hour trips from the top of the lifts. Should you go all the way for your own machine, you should pick up one of the side rails to avoid unnecessary long notice marks before you get enough height.

The wide range makes everyone find a good ride regardless of the level of knowledge, making it suitable for both families and friends.

As you read above, I am very pleased with the skiing in Zillertal, but I have not yet rated the area a five in grade, why? Number one is the ski bus that I think seems bad. If I compare to any other ski resorts I have been with ski bus connections, there are always ski buses so just wait and wait and after a short while it will show a bus that does not follow a special schedule but just rolls as fast as possible goes from morning to evening. Here in Zillertal there were bus times that led to the fact that some buses were at the terminal stations and waited 10-15 minutes before they went on a trip that took 20 min toR. Why? The buses also went only morning and afternoon with a break of 3.5 hours in the middle of the day.

Number two is the very heavily busy road that passes through the valley. For us who lived a bit from my system in the valley, it was like spending the holiday next to a main road into a big city. I discussed this with our guide and he thought this was the biggest challenge the area had to solve. It's not fun to walk along a pearl of cars to get to the supermarket or the pub.

I also did not experience that cozy ski resort, and I think this is because skiing does not go all the way down to the valley, a highly subjective argument, but I knew that. This and the problem with the road are easily easily fixed if you find a cozy accommodation in any of the side rooms. If you have time to look for the right accommodation and you have your own car, I can very well think that the Zillertal deserves another star.

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As a newman to a new ski area, it's easy to make mistakes, driving the first and last day in Penken (rented skis to daughters there) crazy with people.

The other days were spent in the area around Ubergangsjoch and Isskogel which was much nicer. Easily accessible offpiste and good pistes, read somewhere that the offpiste makes it more or less for himself he who wrote this lies. Rackarns what soon a mountain can be erected, fun though as long as it lasted ...

Hotel Eder is highly recommended, however, but the Ramsau village is not fast-paced, but what does it do when you go skiing and not shopping? However, the local brewed Zillertal pilsner can be highly recommended.

With Zillertal Superskipass, all ski buses incl. Trains are free and there are many more ski areas to test than they do with him during the week. However, it may be a bit awkward to read the timetable and the buses' markings ... believe me;)

Ps fat layers do not fit in the ski slopes of the lifts

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To Zillertal everyone can go, just everybody ... there's all the rides there, you can go there to pump a pillow for a week, drive in a professional park with awesome jumps, go slalom in very steep long runs, have a spring season or a midwinter season, depends on how high on the mountain you are ..

bila from Sweden to Zillertal o sleep well, eat well o be really good for a week, go around 8 thousand, but it is so easy worth it if you have not done anything but in our Swedish worthless backs like in the ears or vemdalen .. so sick beautiful ride .. five inches up!

Bolling (Guest)
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Has been in Zillertal about 6-7 times ... will be there again on Saturday. A very good valley where you can always find good skiing.

+ for easy offpiste and that the train and bus are free.

-for some of the things like zell am ziller where everything is about to go on a lift.
otherwise there is a lot of gold grain.

+ because the prices are humane.

+ for snitchel.

for snitchel after 2 weeks.
can highly recommend the whole valley and to try all the systems.

+ because the systems are modern (if compared to many others in the alpine ,.

+ for own brewery in the valley which makes the beer cheap.

+ good park in Mayerhofen.

because there are a lot of people in the same lift in the morning in Mayerhofen.

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Well there spring 06 it's a sick good ride there .. much offpiste areas like e totally untouched! I'll be yours again this year and it will certainly happen more times!

Linus K
Linus K (Guest)
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Spent the season 05 in the Zillertal (Fügen). Be very pleased with the easy-access offpiste. You often do not have to go far to get untouched pillows. Most of the rivers in the valley consist of Germans and Dutchers who stay in the slopes.

We have lots of pictures and movies from our trip on our travel site: http://zillertal.digitalfox.se