The Ski Boot School Episode 1 - Foot analysis

Join the boot fitter Henrik Enarsson in his workshop at K2's headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden. Come along on the ride and you will learn everything and a little more about ski boots.
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In this first episode, Henrik explains how to divide different feet into three main types: flat, high arch and normal. The boot guru also describes the characteristic features of the different types, where problem can arise and which areas that can be particularly sensitive.

And by the way: Who is this guy Henrik Enarsson ?! Has he gone skiing or is he just a talkative salesman? These topics are what you´ll get in the first chapter of the boot school. Much pleasure!

* Who the heck is Henrik Enarsson?
* Footanalyze - 3 types of feet
* More on normal foot
* More on the flat foot
* More on the normal foot
* Which type of foot are ski boots created for?

The Ski Boot School is a collaboration between K2 & Freeride. The series was recorded in K2 Swedish headquarters in June 2018. The serie will be consisting of 8 episodes in total, all of them will be published Oktober - December 2018
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