The Ski Boot School Episode 3: Finding the right ski boot

Join the boot fitter Henrik Enarsson in his workshop at K2's headquarters in Sweden where you will learn everything (and a little more) about ski boots.
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In this third episode we´ll move forward with what we learnt from the foot analyze (ep 1) and knowledge about different types of ski boots (ep 2). The Freeride World Tour Champion of 2012 and former swedish alpine ski team rider Christine Hargin will be action "foot modell" and she will get a new pair of boots that our boot-guru Henrik will pick out for her. In episode four and five easier adapting of these boots will continue with a custom footbed (ep 4) and baking the boots
and liners in the owen (ep 5). In episode 6 there will be some straight BOOT FITTING with grindning, punching out and the more serious stuff!

* Who is Christine Hargin?
* Measuring the foot loaded and unweighted
* Lumps and bumps - hallux valgus and pronation
* What kind of foot does Christine have?
* Choice of ski boot
* What happens with heel grip when the boot gets molded?
* Where do we go from here? Is the job done?

The Boot School is a collaboration between K2 & Freeride. The series was recorded in Stockholm in June 2018. The series consists of 8 episoders which all will be published October to December 2018.
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