The Ski Boot School Episode 4: Custom sole

Join the boot fitter Henrik Enarsson in his workshop at K2's headquarters in Sweden where you will learn everything (and a little more) about ski boots.
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In the forth episode we´ll make a custom footbed. The Freeride World Tour Champion of 2012 and former swedish alpine ski team rider Christine Hargin will get her own taylor made soles.

* Why should Christine hava a custom footbed?
* Should everybody have a custom insole?
* Preparing the soles with vacuum and heat
* Making a mold after the feet
* Putting the hot sole into the mold
* Why is the customer sitting down while the soles cool off?
* Grinding the soles down to size (using the standard soles as models)
* Heel stabilizer - more support and less rotation

The Boot School is a collaboration between K2 & Freeride. The series was recorded in Stockholm in June 2018. The series consists of 8 episoders which all will be published October to December 2018.
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