The Ski Boot School Episode 7 - New boots from K2 Recon & Luv

Join the boot fitter Henrik Enarsson for the seventh episode of the Boot School. We follow him into his workshop at K2's headquarters in Sweden where you will learn everything (and a little more) about ski boots.

This episode digs deep into the new lightweight ski boots series from K2 - Recon (men) and Luv (womens).

* Recon and Luv - New boots from K2
* Weight 1650 gram, how is that possible?
* The construction with three different plastics
* Is it moldable?
* More about the ultraloin liner and what will happen during molding
* Buckles changeable? Bottom soles?
* Is canting available?
* What flex do they come in?
* And what about the width in the last?
* More on Power Fuse Spine
* What about women's generally bigger calfs? Are the Luv-series designed for that?
* Why did K2 start making boot again?
* How much beer is equivalent to the about 500 gram weight reduction per boot?

The Boot School is a collaboration between K2 & Freeride. The series was recorded in Stockholm in June 2018. The series consists of 8 episoders which all will be published October to December 2018.
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