Moment Underworld

Moment Underworld
Category: Ski touring
Level: Advanced
Brand: Moment
Modelyear: 2016
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 130/104/121 mm Turning radius: 19.00 m (161 cm)
Sizes: 161,171,181,187 cm
Manufacturers description
For those of you who tour for more than the dubz overhead freshies after big storms, there’s the Underworld. Featuring our Low-Fat Layup, Triple Camber Technology, and Twin Rocker, the Underworld is a progressive and playful mid-fat touring ski that excels in both epic and laughably miserable conditions, a ski that can navigate early-season minefields, surf deep midwinter dumps, and shred spring mank with equal aplomb. And if you want to handplant natural halfpipes while you’re still in walk mode, it can do that too.

(Official information from Moment)

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1 reviews
Heather Harja
Heather Harja (Guest)
Multiple turn shapes, powder, hard pack, name it.

The top sheet peels easily on the inner edges.

I'm a really short but strong female. Learned to ski later in life, but learned fast. Needed a tougher but fun skis and women's skis were don't it for me. I absolutely love this ski. Nimble and easy to turn in trees. Great for large arching power turns. Solid on steeps. I want another pair to set up for touring.

Model year: 2019
Riding style: Piste
Length on the ski: 161 cm
Riders weight: 127 kg
Riders length: 161 cm