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(Tested length 1.85. My weight 75kg)

There you go. Then you have aired the pocket. Not in the midst, not even in depths, but on a few evening peaks in a very hard Yxbacke outside Norrköping. Isigt is a compelling adjective to use in this context.
It was not, without feeling foolish when you picked up the brook out of the car. Now, however, the skis were kartongnya and they should be tested at all costs. Ice or not.

How does the 90 mm wide and soft offpiste slide work in an ice-creek between Sweden and Sweden? Surprisingly good indeed. The ice grip impresses greatly. As a reference ski at the moment, I used / we included the Völkl P30 and Ross Bandit X. Both of these ended up in the case of ice grip, a good bit behind Pocket. Sure, Pocket is brand new and so, but still. With sharp edges, the skid grips at least as well as anything else. Those who say differently may not have tested.

The width then? No problem there either. Not even in short-range. However, the technology can be adjusted a little. Be more determined when throwing the skid. It takes a couple of hours, but then you get into it.

It turns a lot, I have to say. Radius 21 meters raises Salomon. Can still sue. Radius like XScream feels like that. Possibly a bit shorter. In terms of weight, it also ends up like Scream. Surprising when you see how much material it is about.

The low weight and the clamp attachment make it feel shorter than 1.85. The twintip also means that the effective surface is actually shorter than a normal ski.

So to stability. It feels like the ski is really stiff in the middle. It responds really well when you press. Front and back, on the other hand, where the "Spaceframe" ebbares, is really really soft. This makes it flatter to the right when you get into some hard rolls. This is especially noticeable on flat skis. In the beginning, it seems that it feels a little unpleasant, but after a while you learn that it does not really happen very much where you stand. The softness will probably be right when you get into the correct element of the ski. The Pocket Rocket is thus no lock in the style of Dynastar Arno and Stöckli Asteriod and the like.

I can come back when I tested the ski on large mountains with a lot of snow.

Model year: 2002
Note! This text has been translated by Google Translate.
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Controls in the offpiste. Cuts through virtually anything you can throw it through. Both crowds, sneezing and raised deeps.

Works a little heavy on the piste and on the jump.

When running powder, the snow is thrown over the back tip in a nice bow ... it looks COOOOOL.

Model year: 2002