Snowboard Bindings 2018 2018


65 snowboard bindings

K2 Kat 2018
K2 Kat
The Kat binding is focused on easy function for the girl ripper that learns with every turn. Women’s specific Caddi strap comfort and a soft but supportive A-Line chassis keep you secure and ready for on-hill fun.
Nitro Micro Charger 2018
Nitro Micro Charger
Skapad för dem minsta åkarna som vill utvecklas och samtidigt kunna göra det själv. Vadderad ankelstrap som både sitter bekvämt och ger bra support, Bakkappan går att flytta i olika lägen för att kunna justera efter bootsen storlek och ge optimal p...
K2 Vandal 2018
K2 Vandal
The Vandal is for the little misfits out there looking to have as much fun as their favorite pro. We realize these are the kids who will pioneer the sport to new heights; these are the kids that will preserve the roots of snowboarding. The Vandal is ...
K2 Yeah Yeah 2018
K2 Yeah Yeah
The K2 Yeah Yeah is a women’s-specific binding that says “yes” to every park trick in the book – and then some. The Yeah Yeah’s optimized PeaceBack™ gives you support without constricting, and its A-Line™ chassis delivers the lightweight strength you...