Snowboards 2021

All mountain (76)
If you are looking for a board that works all over the mountain.
Freeride & Powder (32)
For those who primarily will keep to the backcountry.
Park & Freestyle (33)
For those who plan to spend much time in the park to study all the jumps and rails at close range.

144 snowboards

K2 Niseko Pleasures 2021
K2 Niseko Pleasures
The goal was simple; work with Yo Amagai to build the best possible tool for riding in Niseko-debatably the Holy Gail of terrain and snowfall. We leant on our Simple Pleasures shape, with a torsionally softer flex to compliment the low-angle terrain...
K2 Alchemist 2021
K2 Alchemist
A powerhouse, through and through. The Alchemist was truly developed hand-in-hand with our team, testing n’ tweakingeach iteration of the design until we landed on a rugged construction that stacks up to their daily abuse, and a good looking shape ...
Bataleon Camel Toe 2021
Bataleon Camel Toe
The CT carves up groomers just as well as it floats through pow. It’s the ultimate proof that our patented 3D base profiles make for more versatile snowboards.
K2 Marauder 2021
K2 Marauder
Splitboarding is truly a unique experience and a whole different way to interact with the environment that snowboarders call home. The Marauder is purpose built to get you into the backcountry utilizing our BAP core, tip-to-tail integrated carbon s...
Bataleon Carver 2021
Bataleon Carver
Utilizing the advantages of 3BT™, we were able to create a wider than average carving board that is fun to ride in everyday situations. If riding on edge is your passion, the Carver is the board for you.
K2 Cold Shoulder 2021
K2 Cold Shoulder
The Cold Shoulder is a high-performance all-mountain cruiser with a friendly flex, a little grit, and a LOT of attitude. Packed full of features like our tip to tail ICG™ stringers, a fast Sintered 4000 base, and a combination cambered profile, th...
Bataleon Camel Two 2021
Bataleon Camel Two
Building on the legendary Camel Toe, the Camel 2 is the ultimate directional freeride board. It performs equally well on slopes as it does in deep powder thanks to POW 3BTTM and a tapered outline. This board is the next leap forward in all-mountain ...
Bataleon Stallion 2021
Bataleon Stallion
The Stallion is wider than average boards to accommodate riders with big feet. We beefed it up to handle larger, more powerful riders while the 3D shaping ensures responsive nimble performance without compromise.
Bataleon Storm 2021
Bataleon Storm
Introduced last season, the Storm immediately drew praise from the industry’s top women. This all-mountain machine is worthy of the most epic conditions and will carry you through any storm.
Bataleon Distortia 2021
Bataleon Distortia
The Distortia is built for riders who view the mountain with a freestyle eye. The 3D profile paired with a medium flex make this the perfect board for park laps, butters and all-mountain cruising.
K2 Instrument 2021
K2 Instrument
The turn’s best friend. The Instrument is a mid-flexing Directional ride that’s a little bit wider underfoot that specializes in floating in powder, charging through chop, and laying trenches on groomers. Our Bambooyah™ Core, Carbon Torque Forks™, ...