Snowboards 2021

All mountain (76)
If you are looking for a board that works all over the mountain.
Freeride & Powder (32)
For those who primarily will keep to the backcountry.
Park & Freestyle (33)
For those who plan to spend much time in the park to study all the jumps and rails at close range.

144 snowboards

K2 Dreamsicle 2021
K2 Dreamsicle
Confidence boosting, lively, and predictable-three words we can use to sum up the all-new Dreamsicle. Built around our women’s-specific Rhythm™Core, with our ICG™ 10 Carbon Integrated Glass for response and chatter reduction, and a Directional Rocke...
K2 Alchemist 2021
K2 Alchemist
A powerhouse, through and through. The Alchemist was truly developed hand-in-hand with our team, testing n’ tweakingeach iteration of the design until we landed on a rugged construction that stacks up to their daily abuse, and a good looking shape ...
Bataleon Thunder 2021
Bataleon Thunder
Based on the award winning women’s Storm, the all new Thunder is a men’s directional freeride board built to handle it all. Strap this beast under your feet and get ready to ride lighting.
Nitro Cheap Thrills 2021
Nitro Cheap Thrills
Trippy Park Performance Let your imagination loose in the park, and let your riding speak for itself with the new Nitro Cheap Thrills pro-caliber freestyle snowboard. Designed for those who see the mountain, park, or streets as a blank canvas and ...
K2 Instrument 2021
K2 Instrument
The turn’s best friend. The Instrument is a mid-flexing Directional ride that’s a little bit wider underfoot that specializes in floating in powder, charging through chop, and laying trenches on groomers. Our Bambooyah™ Core, Carbon Torque Forks™, ...
Nitro Beast 2021
Nitro Beast
BEASTMODE by Ettala, Kleveland, Thorgren, Bergrem The Beast was designed by and for the world´s best freestyle snowboarders of this generation, the last generation, and the future generation - Sven Thorgren, Torgeir Bergrem, Eero Ettala, and Marcu...
Bataleon Goliath 2021
Bataleon Goliath
A fan favorite, the Goliath combines power, precision, and agility into a freestyle, all-mountain shape that will keep you happy regardless of the conditions.
K2 Standard 2021
K2 Standard
The K2 Standard sets the bar for performance and durability for those who are just getting into snowboarding or are finally pulling the trigger on their first snowboard purchase. This is the easiest turning board in the line—flat between the bindi...
Bataleon Camel Two 2021
Bataleon Camel Two
Building on the legendary Camel Toe, the Camel 2 is the ultimate directional freeride board. It performs equally well on slopes as it does in deep powder thanks to POW 3BTTM and a tapered outline. This board is the next leap forward in all-mountain ...
K2 WildHeart 2021
K2 WildHeart
A dream in the deep stuff, and consistently exceeding the expectations on groomers, side hits, and tight lines through the woods. We start with our women’s specific Rhythm Core™, wrap it with a biax glass, added Carbon Torque Forks™ to increase res...
Nitro Magnum 2021
Nitro Magnum
Built For The Big Guys A large foot should not be a limitation to progression or deep turns, and the Magnum makes sure of this by offering a perfect blend of width, support, response, and flex to allow you to continue to step your game up all over...
Nitro Mystique 2021
Nitro Mystique
Mystical Hybrid Progression Designed for those looking for a forgiving, friendly, catch-free ride, and engineered with top shelf technologies to help them turn everyday into the best day ever on the mountain. The Mystique offers a ride so comfo...
Nitro Dropout 2021
Nitro Dropout
The Evolution Of Directional Fun Built to handle any terrain and condition, the Dropout is the mutant spawn of the trusted Squash and takes its attitude and fun ride to a more affordable price point. The Dropout has been carefully designed to offe...
Burton Hometown Hero Splitboard 2021
Burton Hometown Hero Splitboard
Since sometimes the best off-piste experiences come with mixed weather conditions and unexpected terrain, you need a board that is ready for any challenge. The Family Tree Hometown Hero split board works well almost anywhere. Its Directional shape an...
Nitro Quiver Fintwin 2021
Nitro Quiver Fintwin
Shorter, Wider, Better This new FinTwin tapered fish snowboard was designed to allow every type of snowboarder to go deeper into the woods, navigate the tightest of trees, and slash pow all over the mountain with style and ease. The FinTwin in ...
Nitro Quiver Fusion 2021
Nitro Quiver Fusion
A Timeless Shape Offering Endless Possibilities This classic all-mountain shaped direction snowboard has become a staple in the Quiver Series and in our team riders quiver, because of its versatile directional shape and flex for riding pow or rip...
Burton RIPCORD 2021
The Burton Ripcord snowboard for men is designed to accelerate beginners and skiers at a medium level in more advanced riding situations. A directional shape makes it easy to work in all terrain or snow conditions, while the extra stability and the f...
Nitro Suprateam 2021
Nitro Suprateam
Power, Precision, And Even More Speed The Suprateam snowboard is the big brother version of our Team snowboard, because it offers you more response, more pop, and this year even more speed to send it into or off of any type of terrain. The Sup...
Nitro Highlander 2021
Nitro Highlander
Lightweight Speed The Highlander´s exclusive KOROYD® core makes this our lightest and most comfortably responsive board in the whole Nitro lineup - bundled up in a beautifully shaped directional powerhouse. The Highlander is our most performanc...
K2 Niseko Pleasures 2021
K2 Niseko Pleasures
The goal was simple; work with Yo Amagai to build the best possible tool for riding in Niseko-debatably the Holy Gail of terrain and snowfall. We leant on our Simple Pleasures shape, with a torsionally softer flex to compliment the low-angle terrain...