K2 Dreamsicle

K2 Dreamsicle
K2 Dreamsicle
Category: Freeride & Powder
Level: Medium
Brand: K2
Modelyear: 2021
Women product.
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 284/241/284 mm Turning radius: 7.40 m (146 cm)
Sizes: 151,154,157,160,163 cm
Manufacturers description
Confidence boosting, lively, and predictable-three words we can use to sum up the all-new Dreamsicle.
Built around our women’s-specific Rhythm™Core, with our ICG™ 10 Carbon Integrated Glass for response and chatter reduction, and a Directional Rocker Profile to help make edge to edge-to-edge transitions a breeze and reduce fatigue when it gets deep out there.

(Official information from K2)

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1 reviews
Liz (Guest)
Fun, flexible and surfy

Not the kind of board you want if you’re looking for precision carving

Great board for a little confidence boost. It’s a mellow ride that feels very surfy and fun. It is forgiving so as you’re learning new techniques and tricks. I have only ever owned stiff camber boards and I wanted a playful ride to mix things up. Surprisingly, this playful and fun board is opening the door to some new aspects of my riding. I also appreciate this board for its comfort level. This is great for anyone who might have the odd aches and pains. You can ride this from open to close without feeling sore or walloped by the mountain.

Model year: 2021
Riding style: Less park, more mountain
Length on the ski: 153 cm
Riders weight: 127 kg