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alfonzso (Guest)
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I see others give Big White (BW) average grades, and from their reviews, I can understand them. BW is no place for exciting adventure in steep slopes or nightlife. BW is a family town and my 5 stars are a review I give from being a family of children on ski week in BW. BW is owned by an Australian family and almost everyone who works in the village is from Australia. Most visitors are from the United States, England, France and Germany. I have actually never heard anyone speak Swedish when we've been there.

This year, the third year our family (with another family) returns to Big White. After growing up in the alps, we like to explore North America nowadays. The place we have been to before BW is Whistler, Blackcomb and several different places (Northstar, Heavenly, Diamond Peak, etc) around Lake Tahoe. As a family of children, we like Big White best.

The reasons are:
1) It's incredibly child friendly. Do not have any problems or concerns about the kids walking around and finding things on the mountain and in the village itself. No steep dump, no fillings, nowhere else to go. :-)
2) Because of the situation, the snow is drier than Whistler .... and BW gets more snow.
3) All people in the village and in the slopes are very friendly.
4) It's cheap compared to Whistler and Tahoe. For example, equipment rental, hotel and elevator tickets are half price comparable to Northstar in Tahoe.

If I have to come up with cons:
1) It's not easy to get there.
2) Season is short (December to early April)
3) There are not many restaurants.

So if you want to go skiing in Canada: go to Whistler if you are looking for luxury hotels, steep skis and good nightlife. Go to Big White if you prefer a more snowproof and child friendly alternative.

Linda (Guest)
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Was in BW v5 and v6 2008 combined with Nelson and White Water. Was very disappointed when we arrived because it did not snow for several weeks. Old snow in combination with flat slopes made us almost steamed that we did not take an alpresa instead.

However, we stayed at a good hotel (badly snorky staff) but the room was fine and clean and one should not underestimate how nice it is with ski in ski out.

Positively; good hotel, big system, if snow is great opportunities for good skiing, skiing in ski out, proximity to okay taverns and exhibits

Negative; Sad backs, impersonal (all built for skiing) snoring staff

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The resort is the best of those in Okanagan and the area I think, that is, Silver Star, Apex and Sun Peaks. Good snow, 7.5 m a year and large open spaces in the upper part of the system. Unfortunately, it is a bit in the flatest team. Was there at the end of March and the snow was still very good.
The Silver Star neighborhood is owned by the same owner and and you can ride a helicopter between if you think it's fun. Otherwise, it will take a couple of hours by car.
For accommodation, please check
Modern and well-functioning lift system, as well as modern and nice city.
A strong 3rd will be the grade.

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After one and a half months, I can say that this place has no particular steep ride. Certainly there are some scratches like me ok but otherwise it's a pretty nice city.
In the evening, it's the iaf raakel that applies with fat pitchers and hot duels around the pool table.
The snowfall was when I was there quite ok with many meters which was a bit hard because one of us was working to sneak snow.
BW is very nice because you quickly get to know people in the area and quickly learn how to go, but you are less likely to get on the ride .. but you're welcome there are pitchers .....