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Snowboarding Pwns :P
Snowboarding Pwns :P (Guest)
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Nice back, but rails and the like are only in the 2nd spot: S
The jump sucks Rider is entitled to have to take the batch type from the half back :(
but I would like to tip about the hillside if you like slopestyle and that way, you drive against the island if you want to go there take the E4 when you start to see the city, you can not miss the hill hill, the times e 10:00 to 17:00 late in the evening again 18: 00-21: 00 but if they are now Moyo competitions or something special, it may be open until 24+: The ski pass will cost around 60-80 kr rent a lot 100+ and they will nice place to snack on the view of the hill. And I forgot to tell you that the hill e not so long but steep would probably be adapted to the slalom, there's left back right and right. on the left it's just hope and the forest is also, it's in the middle e dull adapted to the slalom rider, it to the right e the kind of bumps and such but at the bottom there is Half pipe but no kicker than, so that was all the info i knew: P
I'm only 14 X) hope you visit one of them sometime :) laters!

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very flat and so! good beginner backe. nice coffee cabin! fun fun when it's snowing new! but the jump is a joke! take off half the hill jump 3m long 1m high alike jump every year must take so much speed if you're going to jump well! then all the guys who just go over!

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